Sunday, May 31, 2009

MAC Event! Style Warrior

Well well well, look who's back on the blogger scene! Hope you guys didn't miss me too much. It's almost been a whole month since I have blogged. My reason....

My love came home! Yes, the husby is home! He was gone for awhile and it was really tough. So I've been smothering him with my love. LOL! Being a military wife is very hard and it's definitely making me a stronger woman day by day. The good thing, my husby shouldn't be leaving for awhile for a looonngg time. I'm giddy! And one more, here's an update on Operation Sexy. Being that the husby came back, he's been my coach. I've upgraded the exercise routine to jogging 1.5 miles and then hitting the stairs and doing plenty of sets. Then finishing up with some core workouts, let's hope I can get wear the bikini by summer.

Ookay, now onto the good stuff! The lovely M
AC Kim invited me to the Style Warrior event and she wanted me to bring some friends along. So, Carmen, Trish, and myself all headed to the Style Warrior event yesterday and we came out looking sooooo fly! Pictures tell a thousand words so here I am flooding you with some photos!

"Make me pretty!" LOL! FIrst pic is my bare tired face. Thank goodness Kim worked her magic and did wonders on my face. She did a toned smokey green eye to match my shirt. Haha, my plain jane outfit. I had a really cute outfit to wear to this event, but after working out with the husby that morning. I was such a bum, and I opted for my comfy shirt, jeans, and flipflops. I wear heals every single day of the week for work, so when I can slip on some Reefs, I'll take it!!

And here's Carmen and Trish getting their makeup done! And the third pic is the goods! [Check out their blogs too! They have pics from the MAC Event too!]

OOoOH! So I'm now debating if I should get the MAC MIneralized Satinfinish SPF 15 Foundation. I really liked the finish that it gave me and kudos to SPF. OooH! And I found out my MAC color, haha I bounce from Medium Plus to Medium Dark, but I'm also NC37. Should I get it? Hmmmm...

Well Kim is freaking amazing. She made us all feel like a million bucks. After hanging out with her and watch her do apply her skills we found out some pretty neato info. As they were blasting a Da
nity Kane song, Trish said "I'm sad they broke up..." Then Kim said, "Ooh, I did Andrea's makeup before".... All of our jaws dropped! WAHHHH! Pretty neato eh?
Purchased Goods:
MAC Cleansing Oil (This stuff is absolutely amazing!)
MSF in Soft & Gentle (Perfect Highlighter)
MAC 224 Brush
MAC e/s in Night Maneuvers

Ookay well this took awhile! Geez, but no worries, I'll be back with more posts. Keep reading! I'll do my ZOYA Review this week too! Woot woot! Have a lovely week!

Friday, May 8, 2009

JenTheJunkie is Missing!

Why hello my dears! I've been straight up M.I.A! I feel like I fell off the face of blogger world. Sorry, hope you can forgive me. I've been slacking on my comments too! ERGH! Tsk tsk...

Here are my reasons. It's "Operation Sexy" (coined by my original coworkers that got me into saying that phrase, you know who you are!). Me and the sis-in-law have officially turned into workout maniacs and healthy eaters (Hummus is my best friend). It's hard to imagine because we can be quite the heffers, but now, with seeing results, it's only motivating me more.
We've been working out everyday with an exemption of a rest day. Basically, a good 1.5-2 mile speedy powerwalk (because I suck at running), doing sets of stairs (that are horrid, but they work!), sit ups, push ups, crunches.. blah blah. You get the idea...
My motivation?

Pictures courtesy of Victoria Secret! I loooovee these bikinis! I want them!

GAH! I'm hoping! I'm 24 and I've never had the guts to wear a bikini! Why? Because I don't feel quite confident in one yet. So let this summer be the break of my tankini spell and the beginning of the bikinis. Wish me luck!

I'm down 2 pounds, and I have 5 more to go! WOOT WOOT!

Oh yeah, I haven't been hauling that much. I scored a couple things here and there. Nothing fancy shmancy. Basically just another Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Strut, MAC CCB in Improper Copper, and the 239 brush. ERGH! I tried the MAC Line Filler for my undereyes, what a bust! I exchanged that baby for some Lip Gelees instead. So now I'm a happy camper. I have no intentions nor desires to go to MAC for awhile. Well, not till the end of the month cause I'll be attending the Style Warrior MAC Launch. WOOOOO!

Ookay time to peace out. Oh yeah, and a shoutout to dear Carmen! Hehe, she reads blogs when she's on the boat. I can't wait till you get out of the Navy, dear! You can join "Operation Sexy" with us. LOL! See you soon!

OooOOH! And! I can't forget to mention my fave purchase this week!! Burberry Sunglasses!!!! TAAA-DAAAAAA! Aren't the lovely? I scored them at the NEX, gotta love the military perks! My sis in law, Tricia, got some A/X aviators! We were excited .. can you tell? LOL!