Monday, August 3, 2009

Look Who's Back with MAC!

Ahh! It's already August, guys! Where has the time gone? OH man, it's been pretty busy on my end, so let me fill you in!

First off, I got honorable mention for the CIBU17 contest! WOOT WOOT! My husby was joking around with me and he kept teasing me saying "So, um, technically, you were like 4th place?" LOL! HAHAHAHA! SO what?!?! I got some freebies! It was my first YouTube vid and I was nervous. Not sure if I'll be doing any more vids, I'm a tad bit video camera shy! I also won a trivia question from CIBU17 via Twitter, so I'll be getting the Spring Roll Moisture Masque. WOOHOO! I love CIBU products, they tame my beastly hair! Follow CIBU17 on TWITTER!!

Ookay, next topic! A few weeks ago, I went to TJ Maxx and found this amazing double barreled curling iron. It's by RUSK! Originally $60 bucks, I got it on clearance for $15! I looovvee this iron, there's three different curls you can do. I did the weaving technique on my cousin, Irene's hair. Look how gorgeous it looks! Oh yeah, and check out my flat iron case for $5! I love bargain steals!

Oh yeah, I started wearing earrings! LOL! I haven't worn earrings since my wedding, which by the way, our one year anniversary is coming up soon!!! When I'm not wearing this, I do rock my DSK black heart earrings!

Hmmmm.. what else? Sorry, I'm just basically updating you on the past month of my life. If you're bored, STOP HERE! Oh yeah, one of my little cousins left me! BOOO! His dad got transferred for another job. It was hard to say bye, but we all made a cake for him and his family. We made another cake for my cousin's birthday. So check out my two monstrous cupcakes! That's one whole box of mix to make on huge cupcake! MMmM! It was delish!

Okay, so I realized I haven't purchased any MAC since the Family and Friends discount, which I'd say, that's pretty darn good. I'm really calming down with my beauty product purchases because I'm finally finding a good skin care routine and makeup routine. Phew!

Last week, my sister-in-law, Tricia came over for dinner. Well after dinner, she was craving some FroYo and so we hopped in the car. Then, being sneaky and mischevious (I'm exaggerating), we ended up talking about MAC's new tinted moisturizer. She said, "Well we can just look!". Then my eyes widened, "Yeah right! Since we do ever go just to look!". Ookay, blame it on me cause I was the driver, we flipped an opposite turn and headed over to MAC. DOOHHH!! LOL!

After gawking at the new tinted moisturizers, it didn't feel absolutely amazing on my hand when I swatched. I wasn't ready to fork out $29 on a moisturizer that didn't tickle me. So Tricia recommended that we get samples. WOOT! I'm so glad we got a sample of this stuff. First off, it's a huge sample, it's almost been a week and I still have a ton leftover! So since I didn't pick up the tinted moisturizer, I had to get my hands on the new StarFlash eyeshadows from LoveThatLook. Oh man, I love the texture of these e/s! I wish it was permanent. I had Glamour Check! from a past collection, so I picked up Smoke and Diamonds and Snob. Let me say, these have the most amazing finish! Anyways, turns out that I really love MAC's Studio Moisture Tint! OH man, it's the best tinted moisturizer I've tried and trust me, I've tried quite a few. I even posted a blog a long time about about my review of TM's.

Then, Tricia kept raving and raving about the 131 brush. I was eyeballing it, but $40 bucks for a brush? Eh, I'm trying to save here! But luckily, I found this in the mail!!

Isn't he amazing? Yes, proud of it! My husby surprised me! On Fridays, when I get off work, I usually change out of my work clothes and we head out somewhere. Before we went out, he told me to check the mail. Once I opened the mailbox, there was a MAC bag. I thought, "WAH? A package? I didn't order anything!" Then I realized it was a bag, then I though "Oh the heck got in our mailbox!" Then finally, after slowing down my thoughts, I realized it was from the husby. The lovely note and gift made me giggle like a kid! I jumped back in the car and smothered him with kisses. PUAHAHAHA! TMI? He just knew how to make my FRIDAY!
Ookay, I think I'm all caught up now. PHEW! That was a loonnngg post. Hopefully you enjoyed! So I realized, the next 30 days are going to pretty packed... wanna know why?
  • My Husby picks a new duty station for us in about a week! OH MAN! I'm hoping for the west coast
  • Our one year wedding anniversary is on August 17, 2009!
  • My 25th birthday (Oh man I'm getting a old!) is on September 1!
  • Leaving for a CALI vacation! I'm soooo excited!

Okay, this blog definitely peeked into my personal life. OH WELL! Later Beauty HOMIES!