Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tinted Moisturizer Review


Hello hello! About a month ago, I received an email from Karen Behnke, CEO and "Head Juicer" for Juice Beauty. She was so lovely and kind enough to send me my favorite Juice Beauty product. I have plenty of Juice Beauty favorites, such as The Cleansing Milk, Soothing Eye Concentrate, etc. But this time, I figured that I'd take advantage of the tinted moisturizers. I've never tried them before so I was curious. Fortunately, I received both colors, the medium and the light. Thank you so very much, Karen!

After testing this product out, I figured that a tinted moisturizer review was needed. I'm not really big into foundation, I used to wear MAC Mineralized Loose, then I stopped. Then I tried Laura Mercier, then I stopped. Then I tried Fresh's High Noon then Juice Beauty here and there. So I did my fair share in testing and it's time for a review.

I'm hoping that the flash didn't wash out the colors, but you get the idea I hope.

Juice Beauty Light/Medium
2 fl oz, tube
Fresh's High Noon
1 fl oz, tube
Laura Mercier
1.7 fl oz, tube

Obviously, they are all in a squeeze tube so that's a plus for me!

Juice Beauty Light/Medium $29
Fresh's High Noon $36
Laura Mercier $42

Oil and SPF
Juice Beauty Light/Medium - (Light) SPF 30 (Medium) 20
Fresh's High Noon - Not Oil Free
Laura Mercier - Oil free

Juice Beauty Light/Medium. I preferred Juice Beauty Light for now because I'm still in my "winter" skin tone. Soon enough, I'll move over to Medium since it's getting hotter. As for the texture, it's not that thick but when applied, it feels a bit tacky and somewhat heavy. Don't get me wrong, I do love the fact that it has SPF, it'll be especially useful when the hot months strike. Coverage is pretty good, I don't need a lot of coverage, so light coverage will do it for me. It does even out the skin tone and add the glow. The good thing about Juice Beauty, it's organic! No parabens, no petroleum, no phylates, etc...

Fresh's High Noon. I'm biased. I love this stuff. I even have a backup in my bathroom. I know the price is steep, but trust me, it's worth it. It adds that "glow" effect since it has a bit of shimmer in it. I've received compliments on how good my face looks with this on. It has that dewy effect. Coverage is light as well, but it does even out the skin tone. It's not oil-free, which stinks, but I haven't noticed a bad effect on my skin. My sis in law recommended to pair this tinted moisturizer with the MAC 190 brush. I completely agree! I look so refreshed after applying this.

Laura Mercier. EH, the price is steep and it's not really worth it. It provides light coverage and it evens out the tons, but you do have that matte finish. I'm not crazy over it, I still have half a tube left of this stuff. I'm sure I'll come around and use it again. I have no idea, we'll see.

Okay, hopefully you ladies found this somewhat useful! Take care lovelies!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I loooovveee Benefit Cosmetics!

A BIG THANK YOU to all you ladies that sent their Get Well wishes. OH GAH! I felt like death for the past week and having a fever of 104 did not help at all! But I'm finally getting back on the grind, and starting to feel like a normal person again. So I'm on freakin antibiotics that are the size of a horsepill for 10 days! Aye yeh yeh....Stupid BRONCHITIS!

Good News! I'm going to have another sister-in-law! WOO! My brother proposed to my good friend, Kim. Kim and I have been good friends since high school, puahaha so I never imagined my bro with one of my friends. PUAHA! It's all good though, they're both extremely happy and I'm happy to see them HAPPY! They're perfect for each other and I wish them the very best. Now onto the wedding planning... WOO! I can't wait to help! So I'll be heading to Nova this Friday to celebrate. Too bad I won't be able to drink (damn antibiotics.. ) .. It'll still be fun... I'm sooo craving some Georgetown Cupcakes ("mmMmMm niimmm nimm" - have you guys seen Role Models? Remember, chicken fingers? mmmnnnhhhmm nim nim" LOL!) Okay nevermind...

I felt much better on Saturday and I actually went with my mom to run errands. It was good to have that mother-daughter time. We went to Target and I saw that Beauty Blending Sponge by Sonia, I was going to pay for it, but mother insisted. Then, my mom needed a new brush and China Glaze polishes were buy 2 get 1, and mom insisted again. Man, Mom knows best! LOL! We need to spend more quality time often.. PUAHAHA!

On Sunday, I felt 100x times better and so I went out to shop for my lil sis-in-law's gift. Her 9th birthday is coming up and I had to get everything to mail to Cali. After getting all her stuff, I managed to stop by Sephora to use my 15% coupon. I had to take advantage of it! How often does Sephora give coupons out? Since I sold my lovely painpots to the lovely DSK, Stephanie, I've been eyeing Benefit creaseless shadows. Plus, Megan, Haulinbroad, doesn't help! She keeps telling me that they are soo much better than paintpots! PUAHA! So I swatched and I wasn't in love with a lot of them, but I found two that I liked, which is all I need. There's no need to get the whole collection. I was going to settle for one, then I found this set and I was amazzeed!

Benefit's Girl's Night In includes: a brush, Birthday Suite Creaseless Cream Shadow, Skinny Jeans Creaseless Cream Shadow, Lady's Choice Lipstick, Magnets, and the cosmetic bag.

All that for $38 bucks! But since I had the coupon, it was only $32? or $33! Wee! Not bad at all considering that each creaseless cream shadow is $19 bucks each!

I loooovvee these shadows. And
I'm seriously going to just stick to these, uhh well I'm eyeing ONE more, which is Strut! After that, I won't all crazy in getting all of them like I did with paint pots (sigh, I neglected them). I'm sooo in love with these shadows/base that I even did a EOTD! (Eye of the Day, My first one, it's a neutral one)

Face: Fresh's High Noon, NARS Multiple in St. Barts
Lips: Benefit's Lady's Choice
Eyes: Birthday Suit, Skinny Jeans, MAC Print, MAC Texture, Shiseido Mascara Base, MAX Factor 2000 calorie
*camera washed me out a bit, womp womp

AND! In the pic above, I'm wearing the black heart necklace from DSK, Stephanie!! Go check her out on her jewelry blog! She's simply amazing! Which leads me to this.... She spoiled me when I bought two necklaces! One black hearted and one Light Amethyst heart.

OooOH man, let's not mail chocolate shall we? LOL! My mailman likes to shove everything in my mailbox and it was probably hot outside. Anyway, thank you for being so thoughtful, Steph! More detailed photos on my necklaces will be coming soon!

Ookay this blog is uber long! So let's end our little journey here. Take care loves!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Depotting MAC Eyeshadows

Why hello my dears! I'm blogging from bed because I'm still sicko! I've been sick since Sunday. ERGH! I tried to go into work today, but got denied! They told me to rest again, so I'm finally going to the doctor today. Let's hope they give me some of the good stuff. I feel like I've been blowing my brains out!

So I know many of you beauty blogger out there already know how to depot MAC eyeshadows, but for my other readers that have no idea, I thought this might be somewhat helpful. Or, if you're just scared or nervous to do it, don't be! It's really easy. I depot all my MAC eyeshadows and even my first quad, because if it's not in a palette, I won't use it. Plus, it's easy to travel with!

For completing my NO HAUL CHALLENGE, the husby bought me 5 MAC e/s from CCO! I picked them out of course, but 4 of them are from the StarFlash collection. The orange one is from the Neo Sci collection, which is Time & Space, then clockwise, you'll see Mink & Sable, Go, Bold & Brazen, and Glamour Check. I looovee the payoff on these eyeshadows.

Ookay here's another pic of an empty palette (my 2nd one!) and the rest of the e/s and quad that I depotted. Thanks to Nat, I was able to depot my Spiced Chocolate quad! WOO! So it's no longer neglected.

Materials Needed to Depot:
Wire cutters, knife, rubbing alcohol, magnets, paper towels, & of course, your palette.

There's plenty of tutorials on YouTube that show you how to depot. But this method is pretty easy considering that I didn't use any heat! The rubbing alcohol helps loosen up the glue. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at

The good thing about depotting, if you bring in 6 empty containers to a MAC counter, you get a free MAC lipstick! If you bring it to a MAC store, you can get a lipstick, lipgloss, or eyeshadow. Not bad eh? At least you're recycling!

ERGH! So the the preview of my blog looks nothing like I published. Can anyone recommend a 3 part blog template website? I need to change my blog...Thanks!

Ookay, my head feels like it weighs 100lbs right now! Geez, I need to lay down. Hope you guys had a lovely Easter Weekend, I know I did, but now I feel like doodoo! Take care lovelies!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Update, Revlon Review, Paint Pot Sale

M.I.A? Yeah, you can say that, I admit, I've been slacking on my blog. TSK TSK! But I'm getting back on and I should be blogging like a maniac. I have tons of review to do and share. Hope you guys haven't forgotten about me! Oookay, moving on, I'm FREE! I have completed my "NO HAUL" challenge! Yes, I didn't buy products or makeup for a whole month. I was really good and I'm very proud of myself. I was free on Tuesday, so did I turn into a purchasing maniac? Fortunatly... no! All I bought was some Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum which I missed dearly and I ordered Laneige Strawberry Peeling Gel online. That's it! Onto my reviews. Thank you Janet for spreading Revlon love all over the beauty blogger network. I'm hoping you've seen a boost in sales in your lashes and nails. It's been awhile since I've done a review, but I'm sticking to my OG style, (Impressives & Wompies!)

Revlon Fantasy Lashes
I'm a complete falsie noob! My MUA applied falsies on my wedding day and my pictures turned out sooooo good! So I always wanted to give lashes a shot. I bought a pair of Ardells and DUO glue, OMIGAH! It was a disaster. Eh? (My eyeball pic is pretty close up! Don't LAUGH! Hahaha, it's okay if you laugh, but I'm a newbie! So be easy on me!)

The Impressives
Self adhesive: Heaven sent! I didn't have a really hard time applying these lashes. I was very impressed! Me and glue do not mesh w
ell, so self-adhesive is a plus for me!
Price: I believe these lashes run $4-$6 at drugstores, so I think that's a
pretty good deal. Removal: It's very easy to remove these lashes. Just apply makeup remover and gently pull them off.
Safe for contact wearers

The Wompies:

Uses: The box said you can get a couple of uses out of it, but I used it once and tossed it. T
hey have extra self-adhesive strips, but I just didn't bother.

Revlon Nails

I have to be completely honest, I did have a difficult time with these nails. I tried it the first time, and like I said, me and glue do not work well together. My second attempt was much better!

Alternatives: Going to the nail salon frequently can bite your wallet, so these nails are an alternative.

Design: The designs are really cute! It's like the good ol' fashion french manicure with a little oomph. The designs are still natural looking, without looking too overbea
ring or flashy.

The Wompies
Glue and Bubbles: I hate glue! I tried not to put too much glue, but then I wanted to avoid bubbles. So basically, I couldn't win.
Contacts: I had gel nails professionally done in the past, and I never really had a hard time with daily activities. With these nails, I had
a hard time taking of my contact lenses. I felt like I was going to stab myself with the plastic nail.

I'll wrap up this review by thanking Janet at Revlon for giving me the opportunity to review her products. It was very generous of her to send a package my way. I felt like a little girl when I opened her package. Thanks again, Janet!

On to another topic....

As I was going through my "NO HAUL" challenge, I started rummaging through my makeup. I came to a sad realization. I have plenty of paint pots, but I don't reach for them often. I mostly use Groundwork and Constructivist. So that leaves me with these. I have only used them 2-4 times and I used them with a brush. With other blogger girls having sales, I decided to throw these up for sale. If no one is interested in these, it's no biggie I'm sure I'll find some use for it, swap it, or give it to my cousin. LOL! If you're interested, leave me a comment. I might even throw some extras for you. Hehe! I'll invoice through PayPal only, (once I figure it out!).

In this pic: Moss Scape, GreenStroke, Rubenesque, Indianwood, and Cash Flow (Fafi)
$10 each plus $2 for shipping

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Haul Challenge Update

So! I've been doing pretty well with this "No Haul Challenge". I've had my moments, trust me! There's been times where my husby had to pull me from the MAC counter, then saying "No, I won't let you!" LOL! Oh geez, then I started to think, am I seriously crazy? My hardest challenge was at CCO, GAH! Since all the MAC is marked 30% off, I had to resist. I'm stupid for even going in there just cause it made it worst! I even had three e/s in my hand! They were sooo pretty all from the StarFlash collection (which means they're already discontinued!). But the husby gave me the evil eye and I had to put them back. Goodness! It broke my heart. April 7th, where are you!?!?
Oookay, now the reason why I've been doing pretty well is that I'm getting the lovely hookups left and right. Actually, instead of hookup, let's call it networking, plus it sounds more professional.

First off, thank you Janet at Revlon! She contacted me and sent me a box of falsies and nails for review. I noticed she contacted lots of other bloggers too, so I'm glad I was picked as well. I'm not a big falsie person, I tried once and failed miserably! But she sent me self-adhesive lashes! OH MAN! They are fool proof for me! A more detailed review will be coming soon...

Second, another thank you to my good friend, Kim. Kim works as Marketing Specialist in the beauty industry. She's also dating my brother.. Hahaha! But yes, she hooked me up with some lovely hair products. Don't you wonder why Bed Head packaging is sooo... umm.. explicit-like?! Anyways! Kim hooked me up with a liter of Prive (one of my fave shampoos that Kim introduced me to!) and Bed Head's Spoil Me! I looovvee Spoil Me! It's like an all in one type product.. Another review on this coming soon too!

And lastly, I received a lovely email for Karen at Juice Beauty! I was really excited about this one because I found one of my reviews on their website. I'm really excited for what Juice Beauty has in store for everyone. Thank you for contacting me, Karen! I'm looking forward to received my tinted moisturizer from Juice Beauty.

OoOoH yeah! ONE MORE THING! I totally forgot to mention that I won Crest Whitestrips from Vanessa's blog! Thank you, Vanessa!!! I haven't tried them yet, but I will do it soon to keep up with the pearly whites!

I know I haven't posted in awhile. I've been M.I.A., I was really just trying to spend as much time with the husby because he was supposed to leave for 2 months for work. Keyword, "supposed". Yes! We received news that the boat is no longer leaving! WOOHOOO! I'm seriously one lucky girl! So now I get smother him even more!

Ookay, that's all for now. Hope you didn't forget about me! Reviews will be coming soon..