Monday, April 20, 2009

I loooovveee Benefit Cosmetics!

A BIG THANK YOU to all you ladies that sent their Get Well wishes. OH GAH! I felt like death for the past week and having a fever of 104 did not help at all! But I'm finally getting back on the grind, and starting to feel like a normal person again. So I'm on freakin antibiotics that are the size of a horsepill for 10 days! Aye yeh yeh....Stupid BRONCHITIS!

Good News! I'm going to have another sister-in-law! WOO! My brother proposed to my good friend, Kim. Kim and I have been good friends since high school, puahaha so I never imagined my bro with one of my friends. PUAHA! It's all good though, they're both extremely happy and I'm happy to see them HAPPY! They're perfect for each other and I wish them the very best. Now onto the wedding planning... WOO! I can't wait to help! So I'll be heading to Nova this Friday to celebrate. Too bad I won't be able to drink (damn antibiotics.. ) .. It'll still be fun... I'm sooo craving some Georgetown Cupcakes ("mmMmMm niimmm nimm" - have you guys seen Role Models? Remember, chicken fingers? mmmnnnhhhmm nim nim" LOL!) Okay nevermind...

I felt much better on Saturday and I actually went with my mom to run errands. It was good to have that mother-daughter time. We went to Target and I saw that Beauty Blending Sponge by Sonia, I was going to pay for it, but mother insisted. Then, my mom needed a new brush and China Glaze polishes were buy 2 get 1, and mom insisted again. Man, Mom knows best! LOL! We need to spend more quality time often.. PUAHAHA!

On Sunday, I felt 100x times better and so I went out to shop for my lil sis-in-law's gift. Her 9th birthday is coming up and I had to get everything to mail to Cali. After getting all her stuff, I managed to stop by Sephora to use my 15% coupon. I had to take advantage of it! How often does Sephora give coupons out? Since I sold my lovely painpots to the lovely DSK, Stephanie, I've been eyeing Benefit creaseless shadows. Plus, Megan, Haulinbroad, doesn't help! She keeps telling me that they are soo much better than paintpots! PUAHA! So I swatched and I wasn't in love with a lot of them, but I found two that I liked, which is all I need. There's no need to get the whole collection. I was going to settle for one, then I found this set and I was amazzeed!

Benefit's Girl's Night In includes: a brush, Birthday Suite Creaseless Cream Shadow, Skinny Jeans Creaseless Cream Shadow, Lady's Choice Lipstick, Magnets, and the cosmetic bag.

All that for $38 bucks! But since I had the coupon, it was only $32? or $33! Wee! Not bad at all considering that each creaseless cream shadow is $19 bucks each!

I loooovvee these shadows. And
I'm seriously going to just stick to these, uhh well I'm eyeing ONE more, which is Strut! After that, I won't all crazy in getting all of them like I did with paint pots (sigh, I neglected them). I'm sooo in love with these shadows/base that I even did a EOTD! (Eye of the Day, My first one, it's a neutral one)

Face: Fresh's High Noon, NARS Multiple in St. Barts
Lips: Benefit's Lady's Choice
Eyes: Birthday Suit, Skinny Jeans, MAC Print, MAC Texture, Shiseido Mascara Base, MAX Factor 2000 calorie
*camera washed me out a bit, womp womp

AND! In the pic above, I'm wearing the black heart necklace from DSK, Stephanie!! Go check her out on her jewelry blog! She's simply amazing! Which leads me to this.... She spoiled me when I bought two necklaces! One black hearted and one Light Amethyst heart.

OooOH man, let's not mail chocolate shall we? LOL! My mailman likes to shove everything in my mailbox and it was probably hot outside. Anyway, thank you for being so thoughtful, Steph! More detailed photos on my necklaces will be coming soon!

Ookay this blog is uber long! So let's end our little journey here. Take care loves!


izumi said...

cuteee :) can't wait to see what you ordered! i heard the black heart was hooooootsauce in an extra large bottle. hehehe :)

BENEFIT!! i swatched at sephora... soooooo smooth and so pretty! i was seriously tempted but will probably wait a bit. whew, budgeting sucks~

you are SO pretty girl! i love your smile :)

A. Rose said...

Bronchitis sucks!! I had a bad case of it over the holidays...NOT fun. I seem to get it a lot, actually. Glad you're getting better!

Sephora must be in trouble! I just recently used a $15 (not 15%) off coupon, too! Eeeek! Oh well, I'm not complaining!

LOVELY EOTD. I'm gonna have to check out those shadows now. Look what you did!

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

I HATE 'CHO GIRL!!! I had that Benefit pack in my greedy little hand and I PUT IT BACK!! NOW I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You're an enabler!!! I'm not going to Sephora tomorrow! I'm not going to Sephora tomorrow.....

Sofee said...


smilecusiluvu said...


GirlAboutTown said...

ooo i love benefit too!! especially in macys cus i know a girl there and she usually hooks me up with samples ;D

beeyoutiful7 said...

I don't remember the last time I used benefit stuff.. but you definitely made me want to go and check out their stuff

You look gorgeous with DSK's necklace <3


Iyah said...

WOW! This is like the 3rd post that I saw about Benefit Creaseless shadow. :) I guess they're really good! I must try it :)

I love benefit too!! Esp their moisturizer and TM :)

DSKNguyen said...

LULZ!! Jen.. I think you made an oopsie!! hahahaaha or maybe that was me!! =P

That's my fav. OPI nail polish Up Front & Personal!!!! I hope you like it <3

Man..I'm craving a rice crispie treat..but it's 2:55am and I just brushed my teeth haha

I learned my lesson about eating Thai food before preparing packages !! =P

I love you Jen!

M said...

i'm on a benefit high right now hahah. they got some good shnizzle!

Melissa said...

geez creaseless eyeshadows sounds like something I NEED lol. You enabler! =P I passed up the SK blending sponge's okay I go to Target a lot!

Janelle said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better now! I don't think I've ever had bronchitis before, but from what you've told me, I don't ever want it! Hope you continue to get better. :)

Nice look! Those Benefit shadows sound so enticing. I might check them out soon. Enabler.

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

great haul! <3

LOVEpink said...

prettyy FOTD!! your hair looks fab! i got a sample of the ceaseless shawdows in R.S.V.P still yet to try it but after reading your post i cant wait!! heh youre soo lucky have a target near u cuz u get to try the beauty blender sponge! let us know how you like it!! xoxo

Krystal said...

great haul! and i love benefit too! =] oOO man, i really wanna try out those blending sponges but they're sold out at my target =[[[ !!

cleung341 said...

I bought the same Benefit set, plus Strut. My Sephora was having a Benefit event, if I bought $50 worth of stuff I received 3 products & shower cap with a tote. I ended up using my coupon. It was so worth it.

Janelle said...

I bought the SK blending sponge last Friday. Haven't tried it yet. Have you?

Girl with Curl said...

I ended up using the Sephora 15% off coupon too. I've been wanting the GHD flat iron for the longest and I was like if I don't get it now I'll have to wait till like November to get another 15% off coupon.

Great haul! I like that neutral eye.