Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Depotting MAC Eyeshadows

Why hello my dears! I'm blogging from bed because I'm still sicko! I've been sick since Sunday. ERGH! I tried to go into work today, but got denied! They told me to rest again, so I'm finally going to the doctor today. Let's hope they give me some of the good stuff. I feel like I've been blowing my brains out!

So I know many of you beauty blogger out there already know how to depot MAC eyeshadows, but for my other readers that have no idea, I thought this might be somewhat helpful. Or, if you're just scared or nervous to do it, don't be! It's really easy. I depot all my MAC eyeshadows and even my first quad, because if it's not in a palette, I won't use it. Plus, it's easy to travel with!

For completing my NO HAUL CHALLENGE, the husby bought me 5 MAC e/s from CCO! I picked them out of course, but 4 of them are from the StarFlash collection. The orange one is from the Neo Sci collection, which is Time & Space, then clockwise, you'll see Mink & Sable, Go, Bold & Brazen, and Glamour Check. I looovee the payoff on these eyeshadows.

Ookay here's another pic of an empty palette (my 2nd one!) and the rest of the e/s and quad that I depotted. Thanks to Nat, I was able to depot my Spiced Chocolate quad! WOO! So it's no longer neglected.

Materials Needed to Depot:
Wire cutters, knife, rubbing alcohol, magnets, paper towels, & of course, your palette.

There's plenty of tutorials on YouTube that show you how to depot. But this method is pretty easy considering that I didn't use any heat! The rubbing alcohol helps loosen up the glue. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email at

The good thing about depotting, if you bring in 6 empty containers to a MAC counter, you get a free MAC lipstick! If you bring it to a MAC store, you can get a lipstick, lipgloss, or eyeshadow. Not bad eh? At least you're recycling!

ERGH! So the the preview of my blog looks nothing like I published. Can anyone recommend a 3 part blog template website? I need to change my blog...Thanks!

Ookay, my head feels like it weighs 100lbs right now! Geez, I need to lay down. Hope you guys had a lovely Easter Weekend, I know I did, but now I feel like doodoo! Take care lovelies!


♥nat said...

WOO HOO! I am so glad you were able to depot using my method! It's oober simple!

Not to mention allows you to use the quad as a travel quad - I'm all for that!

Kudos to the hubby for letting you get some e/s from the CCO - he needs to talk to my hubby! haha

KiLLaCaM said...

i love the step by step pics! makes it sooo much easier. i wish i wasn't such a lazy SOB. i have too many shadows that need depotting.

hope you feel better! and i'm glad you got the kleenex with lotion AND vicks :)

that's a double whammy!

Janelle said...

Thanks for the post, Jen! I don't know why I'm so scared to depot my MAC shadows. But I will def give it a try when I have time. I am just SO BUSY this week! BLAH!

Girl with Curl said...

Aww hope you feel better. I really need to start depotting my eyeshadows. I'm running out of room for my makeup. Where do you bring your empty containers and they accept it without the pot? I read on Specktra that some MAC places are picky about accepting containers without pots but, I haven't actually tried any of the places near me.

Girl with Curl said...

Where do you get the empty MAC palette? Any dupe for the actual palette too?

A. Rose said...

I've been meaning to depot my eyeshadows but I keep putting it off. I better do it before I visit the MAC store...I'm planning on getting some refills. Thanks for the tut!

DSKNguyen said...

I'm sick too :(

But yay for depotting! One of the hardest things I've ever done!!

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

i'm too scared to depot >< i shatter and break things too easily lmao

congrats on completing no-haul!

Tina Marie Online said...

Waaaaaait so you don't use heat to depot them? That's how I've done it. But then again I haven't depotted in a while since I've only been buying the single pans so I'm sure theres so many other ways to do it that I don't know about it. Hehehe. :)

vietxpinay. said...

omg, i sliced the crap out of my finger trying to depot my MSF into my Fafi compact =[ i was successful, but also bleeding LMAO! =P i neeeeeed to get my hands on some palettes....i have NONE and thats the reason why i barely touch certain eyeshadows..bc i forget i have 'em &they're hiding at the bottom of my drawer =[

beeyoutiful7 said...

hi love.

thanks for sharing this.

deottin is super hard..
i hurt my fingers a lot and im still scared to do it.


A. Rose said...

I depotted almost all my shadows last night! I only used my hair straightener and a mini screwdriver (the kind you use for eyeglasses). Thanks for the inspiration...can't wait to get my freebies!

mszcheysser said...

Hope you get better soon (:

Thanks for the tutorial on how to depot Mac Shadow. Now if I only had some to depot. Haha!

ladystarr said...

i need to depot so bad n get my freebie! hope u feel better!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


Morgan said...

I just depoted 3 of my MAC shadows (the only non se ones I had in posts). I mangled the tin on one (club) a little because I got impatient, which was dumb since it takes like 1 minute. My best advice to anyone is be VERY PATIENT!!!! All of my shadows except the one look almost perfect, though there is a little scratching on the bottom of each tin because the knife I used was to thick, but it didn't seem to affect the shadow. I will depot again and I am glad to see the link to depoting quads because I really don't like not having all of my shadows in my big pallets.

Also, to the person that asked you can find a nice dupe of the MAC pallet here:

This one is nice because you don't have to get magnets, the tins that come with it are magnetic and the original ones just pop in.

日月神教-任我行 said...