Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tinted Moisturizer Review

Hello hello! About a month ago, I received an email from Karen Behnke, CEO and "Head Juicer" for Juice Beauty. She was so lovely and kind enough to send me my favorite Juice Beauty product. I have plenty of Juice Beauty favorites, such as The Cleansing Milk, Soothing Eye Concentrate, etc. But this time, I figured that I'd take advantage of the tinted moisturizers. I've never tried them before so I was curious. Fortunately, I received both colors, the medium and the light. Thank you so very much, Karen!

After testing this product out, I figured that a tinted moisturizer review was needed. I'm not really big into foundation, I used to wear MAC Mineralized Loose, then I stopped. Then I tried Laura Mercier, then I stopped. Then I tried Fresh's High Noon then Juice Beauty here and there. So I did my fair share in testing and it's time for a review.

I'm hoping that the flash didn't wash out the colors, but you get the idea I hope.

Juice Beauty Light/Medium
2 fl oz, tube
Fresh's High Noon
1 fl oz, tube
Laura Mercier
1.7 fl oz, tube

Obviously, they are all in a squeeze tube so that's a plus for me!

Juice Beauty Light/Medium $29
Fresh's High Noon $36
Laura Mercier $42

Oil and SPF
Juice Beauty Light/Medium - (Light) SPF 30 (Medium) 20
Fresh's High Noon - Not Oil Free
Laura Mercier - Oil free

Juice Beauty Light/Medium. I preferred Juice Beauty Light for now because I'm still in my "winter" skin tone. Soon enough, I'll move over to Medium since it's getting hotter. As for the texture, it's not that thick but when applied, it feels a bit tacky and somewhat heavy. Don't get me wrong, I do love the fact that it has SPF, it'll be especially useful when the hot months strike. Coverage is pretty good, I don't need a lot of coverage, so light coverage will do it for me. It does even out the skin tone and add the glow. The good thing about Juice Beauty, it's organic! No parabens, no petroleum, no phylates, etc...

Fresh's High Noon. I'm biased. I love this stuff. I even have a backup in my bathroom. I know the price is steep, but trust me, it's worth it. It adds that "glow" effect since it has a bit of shimmer in it. I've received compliments on how good my face looks with this on. It has that dewy effect. Coverage is light as well, but it does even out the skin tone. It's not oil-free, which stinks, but I haven't noticed a bad effect on my skin. My sis in law recommended to pair this tinted moisturizer with the MAC 190 brush. I completely agree! I look so refreshed after applying this.

Laura Mercier. EH, the price is steep and it's not really worth it. It provides light coverage and it evens out the tons, but you do have that matte finish. I'm not crazy over it, I still have half a tube left of this stuff. I'm sure I'll come around and use it again. I have no idea, we'll see.

Okay, hopefully you ladies found this somewhat useful! Take care lovelies!


beeyoutiful7 said...


I've been wanting to try this product!!

You know me and my skincare stuff LOL

thanks for sharing this =)

i have yet to try this SOON!


Janelle said...

Nice reviews!

I really like Fresh's High Noon too. Gives a nice glow. Thanks again for the sample!

It's so awesome that Juice Beauty sent you those TMs. I'm telling you, girl.. you're lucky!

AbcGrrrL said...

Thanks for the reviews :) I must check it out after I'm done with my face stuffies

DSKNguyen said...

Dang..Laura Mercier is pricey!

Lulu said...

oo thanks for the review, I really wanted to try the Juice Beauty one now :)

LOVEpink said...

great review!! i used the sample of the LM one that day and it was okkk i just wont wna fall in love with it cuz of the price haha

Blair said...

Nice review!!! It's a pity that I can only get the LM one over here

Whit said...

you should try Cosmedicine's Honest Face Tinted Moisturizer! Get a sample next time you go to Sephora!!! :)

i love this review- i really want to try fresh's high noon!!!