Thursday, April 9, 2009

Update, Revlon Review, Paint Pot Sale

M.I.A? Yeah, you can say that, I admit, I've been slacking on my blog. TSK TSK! But I'm getting back on and I should be blogging like a maniac. I have tons of review to do and share. Hope you guys haven't forgotten about me! Oookay, moving on, I'm FREE! I have completed my "NO HAUL" challenge! Yes, I didn't buy products or makeup for a whole month. I was really good and I'm very proud of myself. I was free on Tuesday, so did I turn into a purchasing maniac? Fortunatly... no! All I bought was some Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum which I missed dearly and I ordered Laneige Strawberry Peeling Gel online. That's it! Onto my reviews. Thank you Janet for spreading Revlon love all over the beauty blogger network. I'm hoping you've seen a boost in sales in your lashes and nails. It's been awhile since I've done a review, but I'm sticking to my OG style, (Impressives & Wompies!)

Revlon Fantasy Lashes
I'm a complete falsie noob! My MUA applied falsies on my wedding day and my pictures turned out sooooo good! So I always wanted to give lashes a shot. I bought a pair of Ardells and DUO glue, OMIGAH! It was a disaster. Eh? (My eyeball pic is pretty close up! Don't LAUGH! Hahaha, it's okay if you laugh, but I'm a newbie! So be easy on me!)

The Impressives
Self adhesive: Heaven sent! I didn't have a really hard time applying these lashes. I was very impressed! Me and glue do not mesh w
ell, so self-adhesive is a plus for me!
Price: I believe these lashes run $4-$6 at drugstores, so I think that's a
pretty good deal. Removal: It's very easy to remove these lashes. Just apply makeup remover and gently pull them off.
Safe for contact wearers

The Wompies:

Uses: The box said you can get a couple of uses out of it, but I used it once and tossed it. T
hey have extra self-adhesive strips, but I just didn't bother.

Revlon Nails

I have to be completely honest, I did have a difficult time with these nails. I tried it the first time, and like I said, me and glue do not work well together. My second attempt was much better!

Alternatives: Going to the nail salon frequently can bite your wallet, so these nails are an alternative.

Design: The designs are really cute! It's like the good ol' fashion french manicure with a little oomph. The designs are still natural looking, without looking too overbea
ring or flashy.

The Wompies
Glue and Bubbles: I hate glue! I tried not to put too much glue, but then I wanted to avoid bubbles. So basically, I couldn't win.
Contacts: I had gel nails professionally done in the past, and I never really had a hard time with daily activities. With these nails, I had
a hard time taking of my contact lenses. I felt like I was going to stab myself with the plastic nail.

I'll wrap up this review by thanking Janet at Revlon for giving me the opportunity to review her products. It was very generous of her to send a package my way. I felt like a little girl when I opened her package. Thanks again, Janet!

On to another topic....

As I was going through my "NO HAUL" challenge, I started rummaging through my makeup. I came to a sad realization. I have plenty of paint pots, but I don't reach for them often. I mostly use Groundwork and Constructivist. So that leaves me with these. I have only used them 2-4 times and I used them with a brush. With other blogger girls having sales, I decided to throw these up for sale. If no one is interested in these, it's no biggie I'm sure I'll find some use for it, swap it, or give it to my cousin. LOL! If you're interested, leave me a comment. I might even throw some extras for you. Hehe! I'll invoice through PayPal only, (once I figure it out!).

In this pic: Moss Scape, GreenStroke, Rubenesque, Indianwood, and Cash Flow (Fafi)
$10 each plus $2 for shipping


LOVEpink said...

yayy for your no haul challenge success :P heh the nails and falsies looks great!!! i've been dying to try the strawberry peel and i have a sample but keep forgetting to try it! how do you like it?!?!


DSKNguyen said...


(the paint pots that is!)

Katrina said...

love the review jen! :) the lashes & nails looks great! i havent tried any self adhesive lashes & this makes me wanna try some. I jus wish you could reuse it. or maybe i'd jus apply glue after several wears. ummm jus a question.. what are gel nails? i haven't tried fake nails in my life so im clueless. hehe..

Janelle said...

Congrats on surviving your beauty diet! I'm proud of you! Now go haul-crazy! :P J/k you be GOOD! You gotta get that puppy... ;D

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

I need to go back on the no hauling challenge >_< or move into the hauling sober house. I still need support....... I f-ed up at the MAC Counter today....................................................
(I made all those dots on purpose bc I really "fell off the wagon"

A. Rose said...

CONGRATS!! Whew. Doesn't it feel so liberating? Haha. Great review. I tried the Revlon falsies too and they were OK. Convenient and easy to use. I think I still like Ardell better though...

And why are you tempting me with these paint pots? Whyyyyyy..? :P

Iyah said...

CONGRATULATIONS GIRL!! I am so proud of you!!! :) YAY!!!!

& wow, lol Steph got all the paint pots! heehee!

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

congrats! i did'nt make it...lmao oops ><

Girl with Curl said...

I like the way false lashes and nails look but whenever I have them I'm always aware of them. Maybe I just have to get used to actually having them on.

beeyoutiful7 said...

YOU make all of us proud =)


Roxy said...

hey did u sell all ur paint pots? if not i want cash flow! LOL

Whit said...

Hi- i'd be interested in cash flow- if it isn't taken-

check out my sale and let me know if you want to swap :)