Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloweenie! Now, Where's Waldo?

HAPPY HALLOWEENIE!!! You found me! Yes, I dressed up as "Waldo" at work! Haha! I'm very comfy, it's like the only time I can wear jeans to work! Geez! But yeah, my work had a costume contest. I don't think I'll have any luck with winning though, there are some pretty good costumes around the office! I had to edit my photo a bit. The picture was taken with a whack "work" camera and there was no flash. Some couldn't guess what I was dressed up as! BUMMER! They never seen a Waldo book before! One guessed, "Asian Tourist?" I nearly died laughing when she said that. OH geez! LOL!

LEGOS! How freakin creative! A lego man! WOO! I'm voting for her for best costume!

And of course, my office neighbor, SPIDERMAN! PUAHAHAH!

I hope you guys have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! By all means, get scandalous tonight if you're a female! Heck, even if you're a male! LOL! Like I said in last blog, just think of MEAN GIRLS. HAHA! Have fun guys and eat some CANDY!


Thursday, October 30, 2008

On Behalf of Halloween...

OoooOoh, so Halloween is tomorrow! I'm so glad that it's on a Friday this year. Not quite sure if I have any plans besides staying in and passing out candy with the husby. We might have my little cousins swing by so they can trick-or-treat in our neighborhood instead. I have a costume idea, and I will be wearing a costume to work tomorrow. It's kind of a secret, so you guys are going to have to wait till tomorrow to see what I'm going to dress up as. HEHE! AND! If you know, you better not spoil it on my blog! I'll whoop you! Hehe not really, but keep a hush please.

Last year, my cousin, Irene and I decided to dump the "sexy" costume. We had a friend's party to attend, so we decided to switch it up a little. It's hard to find a humorous costume for a female! Everything is "sexy" nurse, "sexy" cop, "sexy" rag doll, "sexy" witch, etc!

So I was Mario (don't you love my Mario sad face?), and my cousin was Luigi! We had so much fun last year! Especially with those white gloves. Imagine playing "flip cup" with those gloves. LOL! But we had soo much.

As for work, here's my costume from 2007! Posing with my two faves, Kerry and Beth (which they no longer work at the office! =( ergh!). I was "Operation"! I even had a little buzzer on my hip and tongs for my parts. Yes, my parts were removable and magnetic. This year, my costume isn't as exciting for work as it was. But, it's still pretty funny. Just wait and see!

And just to note: There's nothing wrong with the "sexy" costume at all. It's just not me, plus, my butt is married now. So there's no one to impress except for the husby =). Anyways, if you remember from Mean Girls - "Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it." Soooo TRUE!
So what are you dressing up as?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Rambling and Juice Beauty

Yayee! I added music to my page. Found this band through my husband. I came home from getting my pearly whites cleaned yesterday, and he was sitting right in front of the comp listening to this band. He said that he thought about me when he heard this song. Awww.. shoooo shweett! (Hopefully he won't feel embarassed that I posted this, loovvee you!). Love the reggae sounds, it reminds me of our honeymoon in the Bahamas. Damn, I need a vacation again!

OOkay, so I have to rave about my new favorite product. I can call it my fave because I've used it for a week and a half and it has improved my skin tremendously! Everyone raved about Philosophy's Purity Cleanser, so I gave it a shot. I noticed my skin felt tight after washing, and I had red bumps around my cheeks. BLEGH! So I brought it back and bought Juice Beauty's Cleansing Milk. Oh my GAH! I love this stuff. I recommend this for people with dry and sensitive skin.

From Sephora

"As the name would imply, Juice Beauty prefers to do things the natural way. Using certified organic ingredients in their paraben-, fragrance-, and petroleum-free formulas; this line of effective cleansers, moisturizers, masks, and serums is a trailblazer in a category that's gaining serious momentum—organic beauty. Masterminded by a team of women who are passionate about living an eco-friendly lifestyle, Juice Beauty gets your skin glowing while leaving you with peace of mind. There's nothing granola about that."

I'm really interested in trying the rest of their line. But, it might be hard to let go of my moisturizer, Clinique Moisture Surge. Anyways, it smells soo good. I don't think it's recommended for oily skin, but they have other types of cleansers that might help out your skin.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

MAC, Ulta, BeautyCrunch

Bummer! This weekend is coming to an end... back to Monday. WHACK! Anyways, since I started this blog last Tuesday, I wasn't able to show off the goodies I got at MAC! Soooo.. here we go:

109 Brush - My ultimate fav! I seriously love this brush! It's a small contour brush, but it's definitely good to use as a foundation brush. I paired this up with my Mineralized Skinfinish Loose, and it buffs so well! Janelle recently purchased this brush too, and she can attest! If you don't have it in your brush collection, I highly recommend it! Oh yeah, my friend Kim is a MAC MA and she used this brush for my wedding makeup and my face was absolutley flawless.
Brow Set (clear) - A good way to groom the brows
Mineralize Sheersheen Powder (Sheerbronze) - Highlighter with the right amount of shimmer
Bronze e/s - (not pictured because I depotted it! I'll show you my 1st palette in a later blog)
Paintpot (Groundwork) - Uh, just cause I'm addicted to buying paint pots! BUT! This is an everday base for me.

I haven't had a chance to check out the holiday sets. Although I'm tempted to, I'm trying to hold myself back from MAC until I go to D.C. (NoVA area). We'll see if I can do it.
As for this weekend, I was able to drag the husby to the mall! Wooo! I bought a few fall clothes, not too much though. Hopefully, I'll find more stuff later down the week. OoOh and I bought two more scarves. I think I'm done with purchasing scarves, I have way too many now.

Then! I dragged him to ULTA too! Oh goodness, I felt like a kid in candy store. Talk about CHI irons and blowdryers galore!! I only bought 2 OPI nail polishes and a huge round brush to style my beastly hair. Oh yeah, I got a free eyebrow waxing because I signed up for an ULTA points card!

One more thing! On Friday, I received my BeautyCrunch package! YAY! I only bought two things, but I'm very satisfied with my brush roll. I'm really happy because now, my brushes will be protected when I travel. Okay, I'm all
over the place with this blog, oh well!
Did anyone else go to MAC this past weekend??? What'd you buy? Yes, I'm nosey!

Thursday, October 23, 2008


With my husband, of course! BUT! I'm also in love with my new hair!! OoOooOOOh. Okay, I have to admit, I was a bit nervous with getting shorter layers. I've had my fair share with getting my hair effed up (in the past not lately!), but this time; it was a totally different experience. Being trusty with my friend, Kimero and her suggestions; I decided to visit her hairlady. She knew exactly what I wanted, and she gave me tips on how I can achieve this look with my hot rollers (I use them every day!).

I kept my length, so it was nothing drastic. But she created shorter layers and texturized the bottom so that my layers have more definition. Now, instead of having a buttload of volume at the end of my hair, I'm going to have all over big hair volume! YES! Without the heaviness. I'm excited.

She used a CIBU product to create lift at the roots. CIBU Root Booster! Yes, I bought it. Yeah, the junkie in myself told me to get it! I loved the way it worked and I wanted it right then.

he pic may not be as clear cause I took it on my Mac, but that's cause my camera is dead. BUMMER! Oh well, I'm sure you can see the layers. (If you click on the pic, you'll see a better look at the layers!)

I'm happy! Thanks, Bubbles!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Long Hair Don't Care


Say goodbye to my thick hair!
! Well, I'm not drastically chopping my hair off, but I have decided to get more layers to lighten the load. I need to have it texturized! I took Kimero's advice, and I'm going to visit her hairlady at Bubbles. This doesn't mean I'm breaking up with my hairstylist, Carolyn (I still love you!), I just need a quick change. Plus, it's closer to the house. My hair is way too thick and it's taking forever to blowdry it. I feel like it's way to heavy and I'm not getting any lift at all.

Say Bye, Bye!

New look tomorrow... OoOOOh I can't wait.

NERD alert!

Ookay, the husby pitched an idea to me the other night.

"What about the GooglePhone?"

Having my heart set on the iPhone, I was still open to the idea. Here comes the research! I've been reading a couple of reviews on it and checking out the specs. I told him, as long as I have a calendar/organizer and wi-fi, I'd be set. I believe it's less expensive to stick with T-mobile, because AT&T will cost a pretty penny with the data plans. The only thing I'm bummed about is that T-mobile has some dead zones (especially the places we visit when we snowboard!). Then again, who says I'm going to carry an expensive phone while snowboarding? Hmmm.

I don't think the GooglePhone (G1) is a as sexy as the iPhone. But the white GooglePhone is quite pleasing to the eye.

Here's some specs from WIRED.

Oh yeah, with further research, I discovered that the GooglePhone doesn't have video? That's so weird!

I love my MACbook and my iPod, so maybe I should be loyal to Apple? Hehe!

Anyone have intentions on buying the GooglePhone? Who has the iPhone? Love it, hate it? I'd love to know!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I've been on the hunt for a brush roll. (I ruined one of my MAC brushes during the honeymoon, so I now know the importance of protecting my brushes! I learned my lesson the hard way).

When I went to Kim's MAC event on Sunday, I wasn't too impressed with MAC's brush roll at all. I couldn't fathom spending $45 on a brush roll. Eeks, sorry! Not a high roller! No offense to MAC, I still love you...

So, after doing my "nerdy" research. Lo and behold, I found a Stila brush roll on $12 bucks for a brush roll!! WOO! I was stoked! sells TooFaced, DuWop, and Stila cosmetics for 50-60% off lower than orginal priced. Some stuff they carry is limited edition or past holiday sets. But, you should definitely check the website out. What's there to lose?

By the way, shipping is about $8, so pick up as much as you can. I ordered my stuff on Monday morning and a couple hours later, I received confirmation and a tracking number. I should receive it on Friday. I'm so stoked!

HAPPY SHOPPING! Let me know if you find anything good!