Thursday, February 26, 2009

Heffer Haul, iLikey, and Tagged


YUM! It's Girl Scout cookie season! Gotta support those cute little girl scouts!

Me and the husby got our iPhones this past weekend! ILIKEY! I looooovvee this thing. Talk about user friendly! It's perfect! Having a phone with easy access to my email was key, because I'll need it when the husby goes out to sea (but that won't be for awhile!).
Like the pictures?? My husby looks sooo handsome in his new uniform! My phone has the silver case and his is black. Oookay, so calling all iPhone geeks out there! If you know any good apps, let me know!! Thanks, love!

SO... here's a pic of the husby mocking me! He blew up my picture to my freaking eyeballs! And I quote, here's what he said while I was taking this photo...
"BABE! I want to go to ULTA and look at shampoo/conditioner.. they have good deals!" (in his high pitched mocking voice"... whatta punk, but he cracks me up! LOL)...

I got tagged by dear Iyah! So here it is .. What I'm Using Right Now...

Shampoo: Prive, CIBU, Swarzkopf, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree (YES, I have all these in my shower caddy and I like to rotate!)
Conditioner: Same as above, plus! Shiseido Tsubaki!
Heat Protector: Tressemme Heat Protectant or CIBU Pho Finish
Shower Gel: Oil Of Olay Shea Butter
Body Moisturizer: Oil of Olay Quench! Perfect for dry, sensitive skin and smells like a baby!
Deodorant: Dove
Fake Tan: I'm brown enough
Cleanser: Fresh Soy Cleanser
Exfolatior: Mario Badescu Strawberry Scrub
Eye makeup remover: Mandom and Fresh Soy Cleanser
Face Primer: MAC Prep + Prime (on occasion)
Foundation: Used to be Laura Mercier Tinter Moisturizer, but switched over to Fresh's High Noon Glow
Foundation Brush: MAC 109 or MAC 188 (baby to 187)
Concealer: Benefit Erase Paste in Medium (Can't live w/o it!)
Powder: No powder here, should I start using one to set?
Blusher: I'm loving MAC Eversun (Beauty Blush)
Bronzer: Sunbasque (even though it's a blush, I consider it a slight bronzer too!) or NARS St. Barts Stick
Eyeshadow base: Depends, Paintpots (my faves are Groundwork or Constructivist)or UDPP
Eyeshadows: On a daily, my faves are Texture, Embark, Twinks, and Satin Taupe
Eyeliner: MAC Penultimate Liner, Fluidline, or UD 24/7 Pencils
Eyelash curler: Shu Uemura
Eyelash base: Shiseido Mascara Base
Mascara: MAX Factor 2000 Calorie
Lipstick: Bare -MAC Slimshine
Lipgloss: Wallflower - Fresh Lipgloss
Nail Colour: OPI's Miso Like This Color
I tag whoever wants to do this (many of you have already done this!).... Oh yeah.. Janelle and Ailene! If you ladies haven't done so already, which I don't think you have ;) OoOH and Megan a.k.a HaulinBroad, if you need a break from your alphabet! =P and Stephanie (if you haven't done so!)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

So Long to my Long HURRR!


I done did it! I'm been waiting to do this, so here we go, I chopped off 9 inches. It was supposed to be 8, but we had to do another inch above the elastic band. I've been wanting to do this. I wanted to do something selfless, so I donated my hair! I'll be mailing it to Pantene tomorrow. They work in cooperation with the American Cancer Society to make wigs for women with cancer.

I never had my hair this long. The main reason for growing it all out was for the wedding, umm yeah, the wedding was 6 months ago. So it was time to separate from it. Plus, I started to feel like my big hair was too overwhelming for my body. BTW, my hair isn't uneven, my head is just tilted in the photo.. LOL!)

It felt good when she chopped off the pony tail, shocking, but still good. I trusted Kim (hairstylist @ Bubbles), so I knew she would work wonders! And she did, my girl delivered! WEE!

Just me, cheesing hard! I'm proud of myself!

I'm debating if I should add subtle caramel highlights... Hmm.. Yay or nay?

After that, I decided to snoop around Sephora. I couldn't help it! Ever since I saw Tricia's blog on Fresh's High Noon (FreshFace Glow)... I've been eyeing it! I tried their lip gloss and I loveddd it too! It wasn't sticky! The coconut stuff is a deluxe sample... mMmM! Oh yeah, and I also requested a sample of Twilight Fresh Glow. OoOOH! Sorry for the "mirror" image pic, I took it from my webcam, I'm so lazy to upload photos with the SD card. OoOH! And the lady at Sephora complimented the hair, which made me feel better!

So long ... long haiiirr!! Although you were lovely, you frustrated me! You gave me an arm workout when it came to blow drying. Lastly, you were becoming overwhelming for my body. Bye bye long hair, may you make a lovely wig!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Weekend Recap

This was a gooooood weekend! It was very relaxing. Work has been absolutely hectic and I've been stressed to the brim.
Friday. I left work early and finished up my vday shopping. Afterwards, me and husby went to the parentals to catch up and have dinner. Then we watched, "He's Just Not That Into You." The movie was ookkay, I didn't think it was fab, it had it's parts (I'm not going to spoil, no worries).

Vday! Slept in (Thank goodness, I needed it.) Exchanged Valentine gifts with my man. I spoiled him with a card, chocolates, and MyVu glasses. What are MyVu glasses? Well, ever since Tricia's man, Ronnie got these, Patrick has been eyeing these. These are perfect for him, considering that he's in the Navy and they would keep him occupied while he's out at sea. Plus, he can watch movies in his bed on the boat with these babies on. So what'd he get me? A lovely card with a letter that made me cheese like a little kid, gift cards(Sephora and Macy's [there's no MAC gift card, so a Macy's gift card is good to use at MAC counters]), and my book light (LightWedge)! My booklight is amazing. He bought me one before, but ever since we saw his sister's, her's looked and worked soooo much better! It's absolutely nifty. So, I got those gift cards and the husby said, "We can go to the mall and you can pick out your stuff using the gift card!". I was surprised!! Oh gah! If you could only see his face when I shop for products, he doesn't complain, but the look he has in his eyes. I always feel bad looking around for stuff when he's with me!

After exchanging gifts, I made breakfast... mmmm! I love weekend breakfast, I have time to make pancakes, eggs, and all the good stuff! Don't worry, I wasn't corny and I didn't make heart shaped pancakes for my man! Then we got ready and headed over to the mall. I went to Sephora and I only picked out the one thing I had my eye on, which was a NARS palette. I know I said "no product shopping" for the next two weeks, but this was a gift, my dear! I tried to look around for other stuff, but I always feel overwhelemed at Sephora. I didn't buy any MAC using the the Macy's gift card, I'm saving it for the MAC event that my friend Kim is hosting.
Then! Off to our 1 hour massage! Oh goodness, I loooovvee getting massages. As I mentioned, work has been absolutely hectic, so I needed this. We got a full body massage and added hot stone. It was simply amazing! My massage therapist gave me the most wonderful scalp massage ever! Then when she got to my shoulders, that's when it started to hurt (but still feel good in a way). I had tons of knots on my back, especially near my shoulder blades. I should name it after my boss! HAHAH! So after the massage, she mentioned that she didnt mean to hurt me, but my knots were really bad, but I should feel a lot better now. After the massage, my nails were looking wreckless, so I got a manicure too!

Sunday. We ran errands and met up with my dear friend, Mar and her man, Christian. I'm glad I got to see her! It's been awhile! We met up at Skinny Dip (Yogurt Bar), mmmmm! One of my fave places to go!

Oooh yeah, so my Dermalogica exfoliating brush broke! That son of a gun cracked, so I had to get a new one. I picked up the Shiseido massaging brush, and it feels 10x better! Paired with my Fresh Soy Cleanser, my face is looking better and better.

Now it's back on the grind... womp womp. UGH! It's okay, it's Tuesday, and I can't wait till the weekend already, especially Saturday =).

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Is it Friday Yet?

Is it bad that I'm already looking forward to the weekend and it's only Tuesday?!?!?! MY GAH! Work has been hectic!
So anyways, this past weekend, I grabbed two things from Sephora while I picked up Patricia's birthday gift. I wasn't planning on getting anything, but whoever did the store layout for Sephora, whether it was marketing or merchandising, is one smart cookie. I always get tempted to grab something from those boxes when I wait in line! You know how when you wait in a line, there's all those boxes with travel size items and what not. I didn't find Urban Decay's Sin in the UD section, but while I was waiting in line, I saw one left in the bin! I grabbed it of course, along with Smith's Rosebud Minted Rose Lip Balm. I love this stuff! It sucks that it's in a tin for all those unhygienic reasons, but it really does moisturize my lips! For 6 bucks too, it's not bad at all and the tin is hugeee! But I really needed something like this for the cold season.

I finished reading The Confessions of a Shopaholic earlier in the week. It was pretty okay, I wouldn't rave about it though. But it was a fun easy read! I'd like to see how the movie and book compare. I'm probably going to pick up "My Sister's Keeper" next because Trish said it was really good and I believe a tearjerker too! The husby has been working crazy hours, so I need a hobby besides buying crap! I'm actually debating about reading Twilight. My friend Mar raves about it, so does, Janelle, Trish, and a bunch of others! Is it really that interesting? I dunno if I'm that interested in vampires in love... HAHA! Hmmm...GAH! And! I really need to start playing with that Bamboo tablet, I heard there are tutorials on YouTube too!

Soooo! I've come to a sad realization. I have wayyyy toooo many products. I'm running out of space! So I've decided, no product buying for the next two weeks! Then after the MAC event that my friend, Kim is doing, I'm going to put a hault on product hauling. It's time to save some money! Me and husby have been stirring up some BIG plans (think white sandy beaches, grass skirts, hibiscus flowers, leis, macademia nuts, get the hint?) for our one year wedding anniversary (in August!), so it's time to start saving!

OooKay, we'll I'm not feeling too hott. Miss Monthly Martha is trailing me for a visit... TMI? HAHAHA! I don't care! I need Peanut Butter M&Ms... quick!

Have a lovely day!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's been awhile!

It's been a little over a week since I've blogged. BLEGH! Oh well! It's been pretty crazy and busy at the same time. This past weekend, I went snowboarding with my husby, Trish, and Ronnie. The conditions were amazing! When we first got their, it was like powder. I ate it on my second run, but it didn't even hurt! Later on the day, I was getting of the ski lift and bam, we all collided into each other. It rarely happens, but this ski lift is sooo damn crowded. I fell hard on my right shoulder, my neck swung back and my head hit the ice. OUCHEE! I had to sit out, it hurt sooo much. On the way home, I could feel the neck pain. EH! Then the next morning, I felt like I was hit by a bus! I had that whiplash feeling. OH GAH! It was horrible. But now, I'm much better. Thank goodness for meds! PHEW! Moral of the story: BE CAREFUL WITH SKI LIFTS!

Oh yeah, a special thanks to Steph! I got my Lucido wax and the sweets! MMM! I got the volume wax and me likey!

Hmm, what else??? Oooh, so I'm ready to part with my long hair. Yes, that means CHOP CHOP! I grew my hair out for the wedding and it's never been this long. I've always had long hair, and the one time I cut it short (the husby, (bf at the time) said it was cute.. I wasn't aiming for CUTE =(. I visited the Locks of Love website and my heart goes out to all those little girls. Therefore, I've decided to donate my hair. I'm planning to cut 10 inches off to donate to Locks of Love. It's time to do something for others, besides, my hair grows pretty fast. Plus, if I cut 10 inches, I think my hair will go up to my collar bone (not bad eh?). Have any of you guys done this before? Some say the rule changed to 9 inches, and I even heard 8, but the website says 10... I'm confused?!?!

I'm excited to do it! I'm probably going to wait till the end of the month or mid month. I'm going to make an appt at the lovely Bubbles so they work some magic too! My hair is too beastly and it's getting overwhelming. I get so frustrated when I blow dry it cause it takes too long, and I even have a CHI blow dryer.

Update: I kept reading about Locks of Love and I'm a tad bit confused. I read that it is not recognized as Better Business Bureau as a reputable charitable organization. EEKS! And I even read rumors that they sell their hair??? ERR! I need to do more research.... I think I'm leaning towards Pantene: Beautiful Lengths, they work in partnership with the American Cancer Society. Wigs will go out to women with cancer.

Valentine's Day is coming up! OH GOODNESS! What do you guys have planned? Me and the husby are going to get massages (courtesy of Trish's Christmas gifts to us) that day. YAYEE! I need some relaxation. AND we have dinner plans at a nice steakhouse! I tried to get reservations at Ruth Chris's but the earliest was 10:30pm and I called on Monday. So if you guys need to make dinner reservations, I suggest doing them right now!

Yeah, um, this blog was totally random. Oh well, have a lovely day!