Thursday, February 26, 2009

Heffer Haul, iLikey, and Tagged

YUM! It's Girl Scout cookie season! Gotta support those cute little girl scouts!

Me and the husby got our iPhones this past weekend! ILIKEY! I looooovvee this thing. Talk about user friendly! It's perfect! Having a phone with easy access to my email was key, because I'll need it when the husby goes out to sea (but that won't be for awhile!).
Like the pictures?? My husby looks sooo handsome in his new uniform! My phone has the silver case and his is black. Oookay, so calling all iPhone geeks out there! If you know any good apps, let me know!! Thanks, love!

SO... here's a pic of the husby mocking me! He blew up my picture to my freaking eyeballs! And I quote, here's what he said while I was taking this photo...
"BABE! I want to go to ULTA and look at shampoo/conditioner.. they have good deals!" (in his high pitched mocking voice"... whatta punk, but he cracks me up! LOL)...

I got tagged by dear Iyah! So here it is .. What I'm Using Right Now...

Shampoo: Prive, CIBU, Swarzkopf, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree (YES, I have all these in my shower caddy and I like to rotate!)
Conditioner: Same as above, plus! Shiseido Tsubaki!
Heat Protector: Tressemme Heat Protectant or CIBU Pho Finish
Shower Gel: Oil Of Olay Shea Butter
Body Moisturizer: Oil of Olay Quench! Perfect for dry, sensitive skin and smells like a baby!
Deodorant: Dove
Fake Tan: I'm brown enough
Cleanser: Fresh Soy Cleanser
Exfolatior: Mario Badescu Strawberry Scrub
Eye makeup remover: Mandom and Fresh Soy Cleanser
Face Primer: MAC Prep + Prime (on occasion)
Foundation: Used to be Laura Mercier Tinter Moisturizer, but switched over to Fresh's High Noon Glow
Foundation Brush: MAC 109 or MAC 188 (baby to 187)
Concealer: Benefit Erase Paste in Medium (Can't live w/o it!)
Powder: No powder here, should I start using one to set?
Blusher: I'm loving MAC Eversun (Beauty Blush)
Bronzer: Sunbasque (even though it's a blush, I consider it a slight bronzer too!) or NARS St. Barts Stick
Eyeshadow base: Depends, Paintpots (my faves are Groundwork or Constructivist)or UDPP
Eyeshadows: On a daily, my faves are Texture, Embark, Twinks, and Satin Taupe
Eyeliner: MAC Penultimate Liner, Fluidline, or UD 24/7 Pencils
Eyelash curler: Shu Uemura
Eyelash base: Shiseido Mascara Base
Mascara: MAX Factor 2000 Calorie
Lipstick: Bare -MAC Slimshine
Lipgloss: Wallflower - Fresh Lipgloss
Nail Colour: OPI's Miso Like This Color
I tag whoever wants to do this (many of you have already done this!).... Oh yeah.. Janelle and Ailene! If you ladies haven't done so already, which I don't think you have ;) OoOH and Megan a.k.a HaulinBroad, if you need a break from your alphabet! =P and Stephanie (if you haven't done so!)


Anonymous said...

thanks for the heads up girl. i always find out last minute about the cookies. awww lucky you getting an iphone.

A. Rose said...

Haha. Ruben and I were JUST talking about switching out of Verizon and over to AT&T just to get iPhones! I think we're sticking to Verizon though...

I'll get around to doing the tag later. OMG. Those GS cookies made my mouth water. Too bad I gave up chocolate!

KiLLaCaM said...

I have the older iPhone and i can't imagine being without it!! if your use Twitter, TwitterFon is a great app to use! Oh and GasBag will tell you where all the cheap gas is according to where you are! its relly handy :)

Janelle said...

Mmmm Girl Scout cookies. I totally OD'd on those last week. Samoas are my all-time fave, but I love the new Dulce de Leches too!

Glad you finally got your iPhones. I'm still biased towards BlackBerrys, but they are NICE! :P

And I'm tagged again! Ahh, I'll get around to this one day soon.

Anonymous said...

omg jen!!!! your going to love your iphone more and more!!! i still adore mine ^.^ oh i copy&pasted your quiz and filled mine out. hope you dont mind girl!! xoxo

veraology said...

oh what?! cookies! i need to get me some.. lol

btw, love the IPHONE. i want one soooo bad =] haha

valiohh said...

omgsh! i have to get on my heffer haul too. :P yummmmmmmm!

GirlAboutTown said...

LOl you and your husband are so cute!

M said...

mmmmhhh i love those cookies~ so darn delicious!

iphone is love! i'm still stuck on my first generation, need to upgrade soon

Girl with Curl said...

I love my Iphone and I've never really been a gadget person. Some apps I like are Lose It, Livestrong (I'm trying to lose weight), Pandora, Shazam, Urban Spoon, White Pages, and IJiggles. In the app store on your phone, there's a section for top 25 paid and free apps.

Haha, that's funny your husband imitating you wanting to go to Ulta.

DSKNguyen said...

Matching iPhones - too freaking cute! I love how you have each other's pictures, so romantic!!!


I need to try Shiseido Tsubaki, so many bloggers love it. I promised beeyoutiful7 that I would try it when I'm rich! hahaha

Niicole said...

Yum I got me a couple of boxes of them cookies too :) awe my boyfriend does that to me too hehe any-who I only get the free apps LOL I'm cheap like that but yeah i love my iPhone I can't function properly without it

Roxy said...

yayy i loove my ihpone i really dont know how i would live without it! haha is ur hubby in the military? what branch?

Iyah said...

IPHONES!! how much are you paying monthly for it? I am hesitant on getting the iphone d/t the monthly bill :(

LOL @ the hubby. My hubby does that to me a lot :p

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

luv ur blog <3

Girl with Curl said...

It IS a small world. How do you know my brother?

cuteseas said...

gahhh i love girl scout cookies!

日月神教-任我行 said...