Monday, March 2, 2009

MAC Event!

My lovely friend Kim is a MAC MAU and invited me to her Hello Kitty event. I thought I'd give it a shot. I was a bit of an outsider, I wasn't really fancied by the HK collection. It's not like I craved the whole collection and stuff, but I did find some stuff that I really liked. I invited Janelle to come along and I'm glad she did! She was able to get color matched and have a little makeup makeover session! So here's a pic that Janelle snapped while Kim is making me pretty! LOL! I was hot and my face was all flush. LOL! I really hated this weather this past weekend. I bundled up in a coat and scarf and blah blah, then when I get in the mall, I'm all hot and stuff. BLEGH!

Kim is my fave MAC artist, I trust that woman! She did my wedding makeup, so when she recommends products, I'm like "SURE! OooKay!" EEKS!

Products she used on my face:

Face: Medium Plus Mineralize Loose Foundation, HK Fun and Games Blush
Eyes: Patina, Print, and crap (I forgot what she used as a highlight), smudged liner (I think it was Smolder Eye Kohl), Studio Sculpt Concealer, Fast Response Eye Cream
Brows: Crap! I forgot too! She used an eyeshadow, ha
haha, I have to ask her again, I need that too! LOL!
Lips: HK Cutester and Mimmy gloss

(Don't mind the background of my parent's bathroom! LOL! I visited them after the MAC event!)

Sooo, the damage? It wasn't bad at all! I used the gift card that the husby gave me for Valentine's Day. I've been waiting to use it for this particular event. I also Back 2 MAC, so I got a free lipstick!

Fast Response Eye Cream (sooo, this stuff is good to apply before putting on concealer! I I
have a few fine lines underneath my baggy horrible eyes, so this helps the concealer from settling in any lines! GAH this is horrible, I'm getting old!)
HK Fun & Games

HK Cutester
190 Foundation Brush
Studio Sculpt Concealer
Patina e/s
Print e/s

I didn't get the gloss, cause unfortunately, after repeated use of a MAC gloss, my lips get really dry and dehyrdrated looking. I seriously think I'm allergic to MAC glosses! After I used Love Nectar, my lips were getting all dry and irritated. HMPH! Guess I'll just stick with Fresh's Lipgloss, they're not STICKY, and I LOVE THEM!

Anyways, well Sephora is having a 15% off discount online (use code:
J89LM) . I'm sure you all have heard. I'm debating if I should stock on my essentials, like cleansers and tinted moisturizers. Hmmmm.....

The next MAC event should be later this month! It's actually a class this time, "How to transform day to night looks". ooOooOOH! Exciting eh?

Hope you guys had a lovely weekend! Is it bad that I'm already looking forward to this weekend? EEKS!


LOVEpink said...

soo pretty!! great haul! cutester looks sooo great for an everyday lippy....think im going to swap one of mine for it if theres any left :S


A. Rose said...
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A. Rose said...

Yay for HK! I love the Fast Response Eye Cream too...but I found that it didn't reduce the fine lines and/or make bags go away permanently. The results were just temporary for me. :( But it definitely makes a GREAT base before concealer. Hope it works better for you!

PS. I already ordered from the Sephora sale. Haha. I always order early cuz I get my orders faster.

Janelle said...

I really liked how your eyes turned out! Btw, sign me up for the next MAC event. ;D March 21st?

M said...

great eye makeup! the mac event looks like a lot of fun :)

smilecusiluvu said...

Love cutester!!! its such a pretty color =) your make look great!

Iyah said...

You got the cutester as a B2M? I got a HK lipstick as a B2M and they didnt give me the box :( I got sooo sad :(

Great haul! I wish I can haul again. hahah! Seeing all these make up haul makes me jealous! lol!

Girl with Curl said...

I used to be allergic to MAC a couple years ago, mostly their lip stuff so I stopped using it. Then I started getting into MAC again and for some reason I wasn't allergic. Sometimes I'll have a reaction but, not that often. I sort of wish I was allergic to MAC so I wouldn't be spending money on it.

Strayin' is kind of bold. I usually wear it with Prrr or Love Nectar to make it more wearable.

Tina Marie Online said...

i luuuuurve your haul (:
did the HK event come out late or something? i always wondered that. hrrrrmmmm.. but overall i love the way your makeup turned out (:

DSKNguyen said...

I heart HK!!

Sarai said...

ooooh look at youuuu miss jen!!! GORGEOUS!!! LIKE ALWAYS :) i've been wanting to get that eye cream. AND YOU ARE NOT OLD GIRL!!!!! life has just begun :) the HK line seems to be more and more appealing as people rave about it. eeeee. you're making me give in LOL