Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Holiday & CIBU Cyber Monday!

Well I hope that everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday. I'm sad to see this 4 day weekend come to an end. BLEGH! Back to work tomorrow, WOMP WOMP WOMP! Oh well, gotta make that money. My Thanksgiving was lovely! It was sooo good to be around family, friends, tons of food, and wine! MMmM! As for Black Friday, me and the husby decided to take advantage of the good deals. We started shopping around 9am and we didn't get home till 3:30ish? GAH! Our itinerary:
  • NEX (Navy Exchange)
  • Best Buy
  • Lowes
  • Home Depot x3 (the husby was looking for this doorbuster tool set, but they were sold out everywhere! so yes, we went to THREE Home Depots.... fun! NOT REALLY!)
  • Lunch @ El Pollo Loco (WOO! This is the first one in VA BEACH!) MMM!
  • Target
  • Mall
  • Then, Gordon Biersch at night to catch up with everyone in town.
So! I was able to get some Christmas shopping done, but I wasn't able to resist some good deals. GAH! It's the junkie in me! BUT! I got a bonus at work so I deserve some goodies! Right? Ookay so my sis in law, Patricia, raved about Tea Tree Lavender Mint Shampoo/Conditioner. Soooo, while I was at the NEX, I had to check it out. Dang it, Trish! PUHAHA! Oh well, I LOVE IT! It definitely has that cooling/soothing feeling and it smells soo good and it just helps you wind down. I know the husby is freaking out a a bit cause I have way too many s/c in the bathroom. When he takes a shower, I can hear all the s/c's falling on the floor when he reaches for one. PUAHAH! EEKS!


Oookay, call me crazy but I wasn't too satisfied with my DiorShow Mascara. The last time I was at Sephora, I got Smokey Lash as a deluxe sample. Then, I noticed myself reaching for Smokey Lash over DiorShow. So at Sephora, I returned my DiorShow and purchased Smokey Lash instead. THEN! Since Sephora sent me a coupon via email, I had to use it! $15 off your purchase over $35. Soooo, I took advantage and purchased a NARS Luminizer. Now, here's where I'm bummed. I swatched, and I found the one I liked, well a couple. =). So the testers at Sephora have their little placeholder with the names of testers, well some dumb broad must have tested and didn't put it back in the right place. When I opened the package at home, it was the wrong color!!! GAH! I tried it, it was alright, but I prefer the one I wanted. Soooo, note to self: Look at the bottom of the product for the name, not the placeholder tester. Stupid me...

As for Saturday, me and the husby were complete bums! We just wanted to stay home. He wasn't feeling that great anyway. So, we loafed all day, and hung out in sweats and tees. It was sooo nice just to relax. We have been sooo busy running a muck the days before. I also wrapped presents, take a looky. I loooovvveee wrapping presents! It puts me in a good mood.

Oh yeah! One more thing! Look at what my friend Kim got me!
I love her! PUAHAHA! But it definitely pays to have friends in the biz! She knows how much of a feen I am for hair products, so she calms my cravings.

Reason why I'm showing you this is because CIBU has their holiday sets available online on their website. AND!! Tomorrow is CYBER MONDAY!! YouTube Video PROMO

SHIPMON: Free Shipping on ANY ORDER
HALFMON: 50% Any Full Size PRODUCT!
PINSMON: Free Bobby Pin Sliding Tin

If there's one thing you should get, it's PHO FINISH!! Dead serious, hands down, this is the best hairspray I have ever used. It holds my curls all day w/o weighing it down. Your hair is moveable and manageable. No stickiness! This is my HG hairspray.

Oookay, I've spent some time on this blog. Time to get ready to head to my parent's house. I'm going to help my momma decorate her tree. WOO! OooOH I can't wait till me and the husby get our own tree!!

Have a lovely day!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Collective Haul & Random Ramblings

First of all, I just want to say that I'm sooooo amped that this a short work week. My GAH! I need the time off. OoooOOh and Thanksgiving is coming up! My favorite heffer holiday! I'm going to attempt to make stuffed mushrooms, either crab or spinach. MmmMMM! Oh and my brother is frying turkey too! I'll be glad to be surrounded in good company with good food and good wine! Heffer's Delight, MmMM!

On Saturday, I went out to the Williamsburg Outlets with my friend, Beth. It was a very successful trip! Not only did I get some Christmas shopping done, I also scored some goodies at CCO. Now, I can't be selfish and stingy cause the holidays are around the corner. I was tempted to buy more, but the inner me kept telling me not to you. I listened, and yes, I only got two things! I was hoping to score a 187 brush, but crash and burn! DANGIT! Instead I got the 188. AND! I also found an MSF in Warmed. WOO! It's discontinued at MAC so I'm stoked that I got it. It's quite comparable to NARS Laguna, I actually like my MSF better! Oh yeah, and since I have an obsession with scarves, I managed to get one more. Here's a peek of my black, white, and gray scarf! I'm notorious for wearing those colors to work, so I figured it would be essential in my wardrobe.

Next! On Sunday, I watched the first half of the Bears vs. Rams game with my husby. GO BEARS! We WON! WOOT WOOT! Then I left to head over to the mall to grab some Christmas gifts for him. The only time I can shop for him is during his "duty" days or when he watches football. Then, I wanted to get the UD Grindhouse sharpener because my MAC sharpener does no justice to my UD 24/7 pencil, WOMP WOMP! $8 for a freakin sharpener! Geez! Then I needed something to cover my hideous dark circles. I was playing with UD 24/7 concealer pencils, but no shade matched me. Plus, it looked cakey. Soooo, I decided to get Erase Paste by Benefit. Lo and behold, I think I found my holy grail product for dark circles! I loooovee this stuff! I'll do a review later down the week, or next week, whenever! And I'll post before/after pics too! Sooo, I was good again, only two things at Sephora but I also got a sample for Smokey Lash by Makeup Forever. My friend, Kim uses this and swears by it. I actually like it too! I think it's quite comparable to DiorShow. Say WAH?!?!? I know.. crazy huh?

As for today, I got my Mandom in the mail. They sent me Mandom Age Care, but I ordered Mandom Moist. On the invoice, they wrote "This is new packaging". Hmmm, did I just get ripped? Please say no. UGH! Well, I'll give it a shot and hopefully it works good. I'm not too excited because my sis in law, Patricia said it doesn't live up to the hype. GAH! We'll see...

OoOOoooh and one more thing! Last night, we were all talking about how snowboarding season is vastly approaching. HECK YEAH! We're all soo amped. I just talked to my brother about some special deals at certain resorts and I'm getting more and more excited! Me and the husby need to get our edges sharpened, once that's done, we're good to go! HELLOOOO POWWDDDEEERRR!! I'll still fall though.. OH WELL!
I'm all over the place with this blog. Oh well, Mondays are whack! =)

Friday, November 21, 2008


Eeeeks! So everyone has been sooo anxious about this collection. I'll bet you anything that it'll be SOLD OUT once it hits online sales. As I was doing my daily, I found this on Temptalia's page! Check her out, she has the skinny on everything beauty! If you want to read up on this collection and upcoming launches, check those sites out!

Her source came from WWD also! So check them out too!

Photo credit to WWD and Temptalia! Enjoy... and please wipe that drool off your face =)
OooOH! Launch date is FEB. 10TH! (online)... no worries about being broke for this collection, don't you remember that it's tax return season? PUAHAHA!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Elf Yourself!

Hey Guys!
I hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did! I found this last year through my boss and I was dying! So this is a good way to remind you that the holidays are around the corner! Don't procrastinate and start your Christmas shopping!

Me!, Husby, Patricia (sis in law), Morrissa (cousin), and Irene (cousin)


If you'd like to try it out, visit

Oh yeah! If you visited Janelle's blog, then you know that I met her up at Jmart during my lu
nch break! PUAHAH! True junkies I tell ya! But we both picked up some Shiseido Tsubaki! I got Golden Repair (white bottle) and she bought the red one. I'm always on the lookout to take care of my hair, especially a deep conditioner! I'll do a review on it too! So keep your eyes peeled!

And one more thing!!! Anyone watching "Blush" on Lifetime? PUAHAH! I'm guilty, I DVRed it! PUAHAHA! Who's your fave?

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sephora Package Arrived!

OoOokay, so here's my little Sephora haul! This is the last of my makeup purchases until I complete my Christmas shopping, and then, I'll reward myself! PUAHA! Let's begin!

I only bought two things! Yes, two things! I'm a good girl. Everyone raves about NARS Orgasm, so I wanted this DUO bad! Then! Since my mini shu uemera eyelash curler was a complete bust, I returned that sucker back! To replace the shu, I wanted DiorShow mascara. But since I placed the order online, I found a pretty sweet deal. For the same price as DiorShow, I was able to get the DiorShow Essentials DUO, which came with DiorShow and a mini eye cream! Then, of course, in the promo box, I entered "BEAUTYBOX" and received this mini train case with 15 samples! WOOT WOOT! I'm a sample whore, I know!! Oh yeah, and since my Sephora card reached 100 pts, I got a deluxe sample of UD 24/7 liner.

Well the good thing about samples is that I can do comparison reviews: (Be on the lookout for these posts)

  • Bare Escentuals PrimeTime vs. Prep + Prime vs. Smashbox Photo Finish
  • UD 24/7 Liner vs. MAC Fluidline vs. MAC Powerpoint
  • Clinique All About Eyes vs. Juice Beauty Eye Cream vs. Dior Hydration Creme
Now the bad thing about samples, it's just a tease!!!! It makes you want it in the full size! GAH! Like Armani Diamonds, OH MY GAH! That smells soooo good. The husby liked it too! But he said I have to finish my Coco Chanel Mademoiselle first. Bummer! Oh well, I love that perfume!

This weekend, I'm looking forward to doing more Christmas shopping. I really want to get a lot of it done early! The husby is a bit hard to shop for, GAH! Hopefully some ideas will come up soon! I have a couple, but I really want to get him something goOooOoOod! OoOooh and I cannot wait till next week. A short week at work, WOOO! FINALLY!
Oh yeah, I also ordered Mandom, so if you've tried it, let me know what you think?

MAC Collection: METAL URGE
MAN! Another collection are you serious? GAH!! I need to Christmas shop forreal, BUT! I really do want to try the Powerplum liquidlast liner! Anyone tried MAC's LiquidLast? I've only tried their pencils and fluidline.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Pigments! The Body Needs

Mondays are pretty whack aren't they? BLEGH! Anyways, so when I came home on Friday, I had a little package waiting for me. Ailene told me about I'm really not big into pigments. I only have one pigment, which is GoldStroke and I got that from CCO. The color payoff with using pigments are always good, so I thought I would give this website a shot. I have to admit, I was a bit hesistant. I've read mix reviews so I was a bit nervous. But I figured, $1.59 for a 1/4 tsp of a pigment? Not bad at all. 1/4 tsp. doesn't sound much, but the website says you can probably get 25-30 uses from it. I don't doubt it one bit, it already takes for-ev-er just to go through one regular pigment jar!

I don't want to make this entry so picture heavy, so just click to enlarge... =)

Well the good thing about today is that my Sephora package comes in!! WOOO! No worries, I'll post! Keep an eye out for that too!

So everyone has been raving about Mandom makeup remover, and now I'm anxious to try it. My sis-in-law, Patricia even ordered it online. Hmmm, so I've decided to order online too! Me and Janelle decided to collabo on our orders so instead of each of us paying $10 bucks for shipping, we can just pay $11 bucks for the both of us! Smart cookies, aren't we? I'm so excited to try this out, it's oil-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and no-color is added. Two to three pumps is all you need! Plus, it tones your skin while cleansing! I'm SOLD!

My Clinique's Cleansing Balm is almost out, so I'm in need of a new makeup remover. Plus, Mandom is soo much cheaper than Clinque. Actually, eh, nevermind, not with shipping. Okay, seriously, no more product buying (unless it's a necessity, not a want! PUAHA). Me and the husby starting Christmas shopping already and it feels good to get stuff done right away. At least we won't be rushing last minute.

What do you use to remove your makeup? Oh yeah, and if you tried Mandom, let me know if you love it or hate it!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Did I Just WIN?!?!

SURE did!! Thanks to May's contest on Colour Theory, I answered her 5 questions and WON! YAYEE!!! I was so stoked. It was weird though, because I checked my email when I came home. I noticed that I received a comment from Diane saying "Congrats...".. Then, I found out through May's blog that I did win! Thank you May for the contest! I'm absolutely stoked that I won! PUAHAHA! I'm still new to this blogging world, and so far, I'm loving it! Everyone is extremely nice and I'm able to get some tips from fellow junkies! So, thanks guys! You guys are dope!

As for today, me and the husby watched "Role Models". Oh man, that movie is hil-ar-ious! Oh yeah! We got some Christmas shopping done too! PHEW!

Oh yeah! I receive my BodyNeeds samples (Thanks for the rec; Ailene!)on Friday. Keep an eye out for that post and swatches!

Tomorrow, Bears play the Packers. GO BEARS! annnd.. I'll be helping Tricia depot her MAC shadows! Quality time with the sis-in-law! Woot!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Four Eyes! But It's also FRIDAY!

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! Oh my GAH! I absolutely live for my weekends. Anyways, the weather has been crappy from where I'm from. Lately, it's been pouring, so no need for sunglasses. BUMMER! Instead, I decided to pull off my geeky look for work and rock the glasses. I need to wear them often to give my contacts a break. By the way, did I ever mention that I am blind! I mean B-L-I-N-D! You know what's the worse, when I take off my contacts and I can't find my glasses!! I'm like an old woman! PUAHAH! I've learned my lesson, and now I always have my glasses near when I take them off. =). I desperately want lasik surgery! Once my vision settles, I'm doing it! Has anyone gotten their eyes zapped?? If so, be a darling and let me know how it went! Thanks!

And for now, I'd like to take a moment and give praise to you bloggers that do EOTD (eyes of the day for my non beauty readers) and FOTDs (face of the day). My GAH! It's hard to do that ish! Or maybe I'm just being retarded. But when I wake up, I get ready for work and I'm out the door. I don't have time to take pics and do ish (PUAHAH! Except for today, I took a pic with my webcam to show off my nerd specs!). Maybe I just need some practice.

SO! I returned that Mini SHU at Sephora during my lunch break. I opted for a gift card, instead of crediting my card back. I wanted to order online because the deluxe samples (when you're bank hits 100pts) at the store were soooo whack! But online, they had the 24/7 Urban Decay liner. Plus, you get three more samples by just ordering online. AND! If you enter "BEAUTYBOX" in the promo box, you get a mini train case with 15 more samples. I'm a sample whore, what can I say? But yes, you bet I'll take pics when my package comes in. I'll let you know what goodies I bought then =)

No MORE product shopping for me! I'm done! This Sephora order was my last (but it wasn't bad considering I used my credit from my SHU!) Christmas shopping begins this week. HAPPY FRIDAY!
BEARS vs. PACKERS this Sunday. I'll be watching with my man at home since it'll be on TV! YAYEE! No smokey bar!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First Palette

Yay! My first MAC palette is complete! It took awhile, but it's okay. I'm soo glad to see it w/o any holes! So, being the geek that I am, I added the names of the eyeshadows. As you can tell, my palette is "warm". I haven't really experimented much with color, but I love how dramatic I can get my eyes with playing up these shadows. I love having all my e/s in a palette, it makes it easier to pick out colors to match certain clothes. HEHE! So far, I'm loving Twinks and Embark for my everyday work look. Anyways! If I decide to build a second palette, you guys gotta tell me what your holy grail eyeshadows are! Actually, just tell me now.. what are you favorite e/s?

So I'm pretty disappointed with the mini Shu Uemera. Geez, I thought it would make my eye lashes amazing, but uhhh NO! What a rip! I'm just going to stick with the regular Shu. Others rave about it, but maybe cause they know how to do it and I don't. PUAHA! So, I'm going to return that sucker at Sephora and purchase the NARS bronzer/blush DUO! Thanks to Ailene, I read her blog and gasped when I saw the duo! Everyone has been raving about the Orgasm blush, but the fact that this DUO comes with the Orgasm Blush and Bronzer is good in my books! WOO!

So, I really want a Bamboo tablet (It's your fault, TINA! Haha, j/j)to play with my photos and ish. I'm adding it to my Christmas list. Along with a KitchenAid mixer so I can make my own freakin cupcakes like Georgetown cupcake, Madison Coach bag, Dior Mascara, Armani Face Fabric (Since Tricia [sis in law] and Iyah!) rave about it!). EEEKS!! PUAHAH!

Thanks for reading loves! I really do appreciate it! I get giddy like a nerd when I have comments! PUAHHA! I can't believe I just said that!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend in D.C.

I was so amped to head over to D.C. this past weekend. It was good to spend quality time with my bro, Kim, and Patrick. On Saturday, we headed over to Georgetown. I love the way this place looks! Outdoor shopping with boutiques, yes, my kind of place! We checked out some stores that we didn't have in VA beach. Then, my eyes go straight to MAC! WOO! I don't live close to a freestanding store, so I was stoked! My main reason for going is to fill my palette! Yes, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I only needed 5 pans, so here's what I got

1. Sumptous Olive 2. Twinks 3. Coppering 4. Antiqued 5. Texture

Geez, I also went to Sephora. I know, it's bad because I know I could have taken advantage of the Friends and Family discount, but I'm a bit impatient. I have a feeling that shipping will take forever cause of everyone else's order. I was good though, only two things! Juice Beauty eye cream, which I've been lemming and the mini Shu! (I already have the reg one!) WOO! I'll take pics when I do this!

Oh yeah, I also got my "grandma" loafers from Steve Madden! Haha, I always wear heels during the week, so it's nice to have a pair of flats to calm my feet. I needed loafers! See that gray bag? That's the freakin shopping bag that they give you when you purchase shoes. Nice eh? I'll be using this tote bag for something someday...

So, I was really impressed with me and and Kim! We went to MAC again at Fair Oaks Mall, and nothing impressed us. I guess because we were at the MAC in Georgetown the day before and we already stocked up on all the stuff we needed. By the way, I'm also impressed with the guys. They were really good while we shopped. Even though we spent forever at MAC! Oh yeah, and I was really impressed with the girl that helped us! She was soo nice! I complimented her makeup and asked what eye shadows she used, and she actually used the ones I bought! SCORE!

It was a good weekend, not only did I get most of the stuff I "needed", I also had the most mouthgasmic experience at Georgetown Cupcake. OH MY GAH! I'm dead serious, I've never had a cupcake that tasted so good. It was voted Washington's Best Cupcake! We had to pay our dues and wait 45 minutes to get these cupcakes. Yes, there was an effin line! But it went by fast! I'm glad that we also met up with Marinel and Christian too!

Now, being the heffer that I am! Yes, I took a picture with my cupcakes! PUAHAH! The last pic is of my brother and his girlfriend, Kim.

These cupcakes costs a pretty penny! For the half dozen that me and Patrick bought, we spent $15 for a half dozen. Jeff and Kim spent $30 for a dozen! EEKS! BUT! It's worth e
very penny. We all agreed that they probably sprinkle some "angel dust" on their cupcakes! We craved each cupcake and savored each taste! HAHA!
Okay, now for the last picture! Here's a picture of me and Kim's dog, Zeus! He's a good dog, he makes me want a dog! Me and Patrick really want one, but our townhome won't let us! GRRRR! One day! Lookie, we're both sportin scarves! The next pic is a picture of my hair! I usually roll my hair everyday, but this time, I decided to put it up in a ponytail! She said that it looked like one of the fake hairpieces that those Asian ladies sell at kiosks! LOL! All I need is some glittery thingies and some butterflies coming out of my hair. But no, this is not a hairpiece! This is my real hair!

I almost got my eyebrows threaded this weekend, but Kim said there wasn't much to thread! BUMMER! Anyone get it done? Better than plucking? Results? Please answer...thanks!

BUMMER about the BEARS lost. GEEZ!

So sorry for this long post, but I had a lot to say! Thanks for reading! Oh by the way, a big thank you to HaulinBroad! She fulfilled my request did a turquoise and brown eye! YAY!

Friday, November 7, 2008

4 Years


These pictures were taken by our oh so lovely photographer, Tracy.
Well today is November 7th, and if Patrick and I were still dating, today would mark 4 years! Pretty crazy huh? We tied the knot on August 17, 2008 and I couldn't have asked for a better companion. I truly married my best friend! He makes me smile and after four years, the love hasn't died down one bit. Yes, I still swoon over him! (Mushy mushy! I know!). He's supportive in all that I do (even my junkie ways!). I'm lucky and blessed to have him in my life.
On a different note. We're leaving for Nova right after I get off work. I'm all packed and ready to go. But geez, I realized that I hate packing. It's only a weekend trip, so no need for a suitcase, just a duffle bag. But geez, I have my duffle bag with clothes, my makeup train case, and my tote bag filled with hair products and tools. I know that the husband is going to freak when he comes home and sees all the bags at the door! It's only a weekend trip, I know! But still! I need my hot rollers, CHI, blowdryer..hairproducts... EEEKS!
Oh yeah! I did a mini haul at ULTA last night too! Back to Basics Shampoo/Conditioner was only $4.99, so I bought the straightening one. I've used it before and loved the results. Along with my purhcases came a smoothing serum by TextureLine (sample size). I decided to try it since Janelle raved about it. AND! A boar bristle paddle brush. Sorry, I didn't take pics. I was too excited to use them! LOL!
Hope you guys have a lovely weekend! I'll report back with the damage from this weekend.

By the way, the Bears play the Titans this Sunday! Let's hope we WIN! GO BEARS!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mario Badescu has DOPE Customer Service!

So for my last post, I asked what you guys thought about Mario Badescu. Being the nerd that I am, I decided to do an online consultation. I filled out the questionnaire and answered all questions about my skincare. Afterwards, they provided a list of products that fit your skin.
TODAY, I received an email from MB and they asked if I wanted to receive samples! Well, DUH! I love samples! So they are going to send samples for my dry, sensitive skin! WOOO! I even called to see if they can replace a sample for their control cream for my eczema. They said they'll just send a separate package for that. Niiiccceee! Their customer service is amazing. They are the nicest people. I'm impressed. I hope the products work! I still love my Juice Beauty though. So we'll see...I think I'll use MB for on the spot treatment and stuff like that.

As for you, go fill out the questionnaire on their website and score some samples for yourself!
I'm really excited to go to Nova this weekend! I've been a geek and started looking at the stores that Georgetown has to offer (American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, MAC (freestanding), etc!). OooOoh and Georgetown Cupcake! GAH! I'm excited.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I can't help but drool over these two things... puahaha! Two totally random things, I know!

Anyways, I've decided to start my Christmas shopping after this weekend! I'm not going to procrastinate! I told Patrick that we need to make our list soon of what to buy for who. We'll probably do it while we drive up to Nova this weekend. YAY!

So, I realized that I'm in need of an eye cream. I have one by Clinique, but I don't think it does any justice for my dark circles. Yeah, concealer can cover it up, but I don't want to have to apply concealer all the time. I get plenty of rest, so I have no idea where these dark circles are coming from. I'm thinking, either Juice Beauty eye cream or Mario Badescu. Has anyone used Mario Badescu products? Love it, hate it? I'd love to know!

Sephora emailed 20% coupons to BeautyInsiders! Woooo! Maybe I should use that to get a discount off my eye cream?

MAC's Little Darling collection came out. Nothing is really appealing to me. The pigment collection look nice, but I'm not in love, or the the least to say "drooling" over these products.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This post is not going to be beauty related, but today was a very important day for our country. I woke up early to hit the polls, but the line was absolutely ridiculous! So, I decided to leave the line and come back in the afternoon. Sooo, I left work around 3ish and I only waited for 40 minutes! Yay!

But, I feel good about voting. It's a good feeling to know that I had a say in an election that's going down in history.

Hope you guys voted! =)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Spending the Weekend with My Love!

Mushy Mushy, I know! But! It was really nice to spend time with my love without rushing to go somewhere. It seems like we're always so busy. We usually have somewhere to be, or someone to meet. This time, it was different. We were able to just relax and go wherever we wanted. On Saturday, we just ran errands and got some shopping done. I'm really holding back from my product buying ways because I want to save up for this weekend. He even asked if I wanted to go to Ulta and I said "No..." Crazy huh? It's been two weeks since I've purchased anything at MAC, so I'm quite proud of myself. I can't wait for our little weekend getaway to Nova to visit fam and friends. I'll be able to shop at a MAC store and fill my palette. YAY!

Because I always wear heels at work, my weekends are my days off for heals (unless we're going somewhere nice). Patrick decided to surprise me and bought me new gray chucks! WOO! They're soo cute! I've been eyeing them, so I was happy! Plus, I wear a youth size in chucks so it's not bad deal (price-wise). I'm still on the hunt for some black loafers. Hopefully, I'll find them soon... *sigh*

On Sunday, I was quite the supportive wife! We headed over to the local bar to watch the Bears vs. Lions game. It was pretty fun! Everyone was sooo pumped! By
the way, we won! But geez, I discovered that I've become a lightweight. Yes, after three freakin beers, I was buzzed. Oh geez, what happened to me? I'm a cheap drunk! By the way, we WON! GO BEARS!

Here's a pic of me and my man! Yes, we dressed and came cor