Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend in D.C.

I was so amped to head over to D.C. this past weekend. It was good to spend quality time with my bro, Kim, and Patrick. On Saturday, we headed over to Georgetown. I love the way this place looks! Outdoor shopping with boutiques, yes, my kind of place! We checked out some stores that we didn't have in VA beach. Then, my eyes go straight to MAC! WOO! I don't live close to a freestanding store, so I was stoked! My main reason for going is to fill my palette! Yes, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I only needed 5 pans, so here's what I got

1. Sumptous Olive 2. Twinks 3. Coppering 4. Antiqued 5. Texture

Geez, I also went to Sephora. I know, it's bad because I know I could have taken advantage of the Friends and Family discount, but I'm a bit impatient. I have a feeling that shipping will take forever cause of everyone else's order. I was good though, only two things! Juice Beauty eye cream, which I've been lemming and the mini Shu! (I already have the reg one!) WOO! I'll take pics when I do this!

Oh yeah, I also got my "grandma" loafers from Steve Madden! Haha, I always wear heels during the week, so it's nice to have a pair of flats to calm my feet. I needed loafers! See that gray bag? That's the freakin shopping bag that they give you when you purchase shoes. Nice eh? I'll be using this tote bag for something someday...

So, I was really impressed with me and and Kim! We went to MAC again at Fair Oaks Mall, and nothing impressed us. I guess because we were at the MAC in Georgetown the day before and we already stocked up on all the stuff we needed. By the way, I'm also impressed with the guys. They were really good while we shopped. Even though we spent forever at MAC! Oh yeah, and I was really impressed with the girl that helped us! She was soo nice! I complimented her makeup and asked what eye shadows she used, and she actually used the ones I bought! SCORE!

It was a good weekend, not only did I get most of the stuff I "needed", I also had the most mouthgasmic experience at Georgetown Cupcake. OH MY GAH! I'm dead serious, I've never had a cupcake that tasted so good. It was voted Washington's Best Cupcake! We had to pay our dues and wait 45 minutes to get these cupcakes. Yes, there was an effin line! But it went by fast! I'm glad that we also met up with Marinel and Christian too!

Now, being the heffer that I am! Yes, I took a picture with my cupcakes! PUAHAH! The last pic is of my brother and his girlfriend, Kim.

These cupcakes costs a pretty penny! For the half dozen that me and Patrick bought, we spent $15 for a half dozen. Jeff and Kim spent $30 for a dozen! EEKS! BUT! It's worth e
very penny. We all agreed that they probably sprinkle some "angel dust" on their cupcakes! We craved each cupcake and savored each taste! HAHA!
Okay, now for the last picture! Here's a picture of me and Kim's dog, Zeus! He's a good dog, he makes me want a dog! Me and Patrick really want one, but our townhome won't let us! GRRRR! One day! Lookie, we're both sportin scarves! The next pic is a picture of my hair! I usually roll my hair everyday, but this time, I decided to put it up in a ponytail! She said that it looked like one of the fake hairpieces that those Asian ladies sell at kiosks! LOL! All I need is some glittery thingies and some butterflies coming out of my hair. But no, this is not a hairpiece! This is my real hair!

I almost got my eyebrows threaded this weekend, but Kim said there wasn't much to thread! BUMMER! Anyone get it done? Better than plucking? Results? Please answer...thanks!

BUMMER about the BEARS lost. GEEZ!

So sorry for this long post, but I had a lot to say! Thanks for reading! Oh by the way, a big thank you to HaulinBroad! She fulfilled my request did a turquoise and brown eye! YAY!


A. Rose said...

oye. your post reminded me that i still have a long way to go to fill up my new MAC palette. i've actually never been to the MAC store in georgetown...only the one in tysons and fair oaks. i need to visit soon, but i think i need to wait for payday thanks to the sephora f&f sale.

i've been meaning to drag ruben to georgetown...what was the name of the cupcake place you went to?

ok, last thing. i love threading! i used to get my brows waxed all the time, but i've since switched to threading. no breakouts, the shape is more precise (IMO), and threading can usually get the hairs that get missed during waxing. plus it's about the same price as waxing!

A. Rose said...

haha. ok. nm. how could i have missed the bold, pink font?

Jen said...

@ a. rose: GIRL! I want to comment on your xanga, but I'm too lazy to set up an account! OoooH I'm eyeing the Dior mascara.. that's next on my hit list.. or christmas list!

Go to Georgetown Cupcake.. it's the best!

Thanks for the advice on threading!

Janelle said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! Didn't overspend, did you? ;) I bought new shoes this weekend too!

Can't wait til you get to play with the Bumpit more. I can't really tell in the pic you have, but only because it's not as dramatic. Make it big! :P

Kristine said...

i will definitely let you know. :) did you see my latest entry about the l'oreal mascara? it's pretty much ok.. but check out the pics..
btw, the cupcakes look yummmmeeh!!

Anonymous said...

It was great seeing YOU and your hubby this weekend! Georgetown Cupcakes were the bomb, my fave is still the red velvet (yes, I tried the vanilla & chocolate...I don't like dark chocolate!) I'm glad you enjoyed your time too and we must hang out when I come home for turkey day.

.cupcake love. said...

Wow, great haul ! Georgetown & Fair oaks?! Up my alley :] Georgetown is gorgeous at night too! I'm a new follower of your blog :] I like how you came up here this weekend from VA Beach cause my boyfriend did too ! :]

You & your hubbs are cuute !

Kimberly Tia said...

awww i love rebelution!!! cuuute!
and oh girl... my xmas list is gonna be a MILE LONG at this rate!

cupcakes... *drool*

vietxpinay. said...

no, i never got that scarf yet! honestly, i havent even looked! lol. i have an american apparel a few minutes away from me!! im just too lazy and on a budget. but i'm definatelyyyy getting it. if not, order online! (= man, i havent been to georgetown in a while! im going to DC this thursday night to go clubbin though =) but i DEFINATELY need to hit up them cupcakes! HAHAHA. you went to fair oaks? that forever21 is TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!! =)))))

Patricia G. said...

Jen...hello! Actually, in Dubai that's the only way they do eyebrows and all the girls i work with got threaded and loved it. One of them actually taught herself how, it was crazy. I don't know if they do it here but in Dubai they did the WHOLE face. I got it done and I liked it, but only because I thought it was neat. HAHAH! Try it'll think it's nifty. Plus the "ouch" factor isn' as bad. Oh yeah, I think i'm gonna delete my blogspot 'cause I'm not getting any followers or anything. Oh well, it was worth a shot.

K? said...

georgetown cupcakes?! i've gotta try that soon. i'm so used to new york cupcakes...

you and janelle always shop for makeup. sigh =/

Iyah said...

Omgah! I envy you woman! You just shop shop and shop! Hahah! I wish I could do the same you know? :)

Before, I cannot go out without any foundation/any type of powder! I swear I need it because my skin was terrible! OMgah, big pores, zits here and there and uneven skin tone plus dark circles! I couldn't go out without concealer. Then I started paying more attention to my skincare routine and bought more skin care products. :p

Yes I tried the Armani face fabric and its awesome! Great product! Its like smashbox photo finish primer, it glides in so soft. :)

Yeah, uhm I'm getting rid with almost all of my make up. hahah! I barely use them :) Except for my lippies. lol!

Anonymous said...

I love the Steve Madden!! you can never go wrong! I love Texture e/s! I have 2 more space to fill up one of my palette. Those spaces always bother me.. Basically, Great Haul!!

Kristine said...

thanks sweetie.. had a 12 hr sleep today.. feels much better now.

Anonymous said... look so cute! Those cupcakes are screaming out my name too! Can't wait to haul =/

Tammy said...

I love getting my eyebrows threaded! I've seen a lot of tutorials on youtube on how to do it, but honestly I like the responsiblity on someone I make a mistake I only have myself to

New to your blog and I'm loving it.

Jamilla Camel said...

Hi, I had my eyebrows threaded in India about 10 days ago. It was just a tidy up. The beauty therapist explained that I didn't have much hair to clean up! And to be honest, threading doesn't get the tiny regrowth hairs. This is because the threading process is designed for long, lush, South Asian and Middle Eastern brow hairs, while us East Asians have fine, puny, and sparse brow hairs!

IMHO, waxing is a lot better for Asian brows, the a clean-up with tweezers.

As for me, I had mine TATOOED on (semi-permanent eye makeup) in Dubai this summer! Not cheap, but lasts 12-14 months at least.

Good luck with the brows!

日月神教-任我行 said...