Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This post is not going to be beauty related, but today was a very important day for our country. I woke up early to hit the polls, but the line was absolutely ridiculous! So, I decided to leave the line and come back in the afternoon. Sooo, I left work around 3ish and I only waited for 40 minutes! Yay!

But, I feel good about voting. It's a good feeling to know that I had a say in an election that's going down in history.

Hope you guys voted! =)


Kerrylove said...

I'm so glad you voted!! Good girl you are growing up so fast!!! XOXOX

Iyah said...

Thanks for the message girl! :)

Yeah its true that skin care routine is much more important than doing make up. The better our skin, the less make up we need to buy. I don't use anymore foundations :) Before, I use to use lots of foundations. ahha!

I leave the mask til its dry. You'll feel it. :) But if you want, just 10 minutes :)