Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Holiday & CIBU Cyber Monday!

Well I hope that everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday. I'm sad to see this 4 day weekend come to an end. BLEGH! Back to work tomorrow, WOMP WOMP WOMP! Oh well, gotta make that money. My Thanksgiving was lovely! It was sooo good to be around family, friends, tons of food, and wine! MMmM! As for Black Friday, me and the husby decided to take advantage of the good deals. We started shopping around 9am and we didn't get home till 3:30ish? GAH! Our itinerary:
  • NEX (Navy Exchange)
  • Best Buy
  • Lowes
  • Home Depot x3 (the husby was looking for this doorbuster tool set, but they were sold out everywhere! so yes, we went to THREE Home Depots.... fun! NOT REALLY!)
  • Lunch @ El Pollo Loco (WOO! This is the first one in VA BEACH!) MMM!
  • Target
  • Mall
  • Then, Gordon Biersch at night to catch up with everyone in town.
So! I was able to get some Christmas shopping done, but I wasn't able to resist some good deals. GAH! It's the junkie in me! BUT! I got a bonus at work so I deserve some goodies! Right? Ookay so my sis in law, Patricia, raved about Tea Tree Lavender Mint Shampoo/Conditioner. Soooo, while I was at the NEX, I had to check it out. Dang it, Trish! PUHAHA! Oh well, I LOVE IT! It definitely has that cooling/soothing feeling and it smells soo good and it just helps you wind down. I know the husby is freaking out a a bit cause I have way too many s/c in the bathroom. When he takes a shower, I can hear all the s/c's falling on the floor when he reaches for one. PUAHAH! EEKS!


Oookay, call me crazy but I wasn't too satisfied with my DiorShow Mascara. The last time I was at Sephora, I got Smokey Lash as a deluxe sample. Then, I noticed myself reaching for Smokey Lash over DiorShow. So at Sephora, I returned my DiorShow and purchased Smokey Lash instead. THEN! Since Sephora sent me a coupon via email, I had to use it! $15 off your purchase over $35. Soooo, I took advantage and purchased a NARS Luminizer. Now, here's where I'm bummed. I swatched, and I found the one I liked, well a couple. =). So the testers at Sephora have their little placeholder with the names of testers, well some dumb broad must have tested and didn't put it back in the right place. When I opened the package at home, it was the wrong color!!! GAH! I tried it, it was alright, but I prefer the one I wanted. Soooo, note to self: Look at the bottom of the product for the name, not the placeholder tester. Stupid me...

As for Saturday, me and the husby were complete bums! We just wanted to stay home. He wasn't feeling that great anyway. So, we loafed all day, and hung out in sweats and tees. It was sooo nice just to relax. We have been sooo busy running a muck the days before. I also wrapped presents, take a looky. I loooovvveee wrapping presents! It puts me in a good mood.

Oh yeah! One more thing! Look at what my friend Kim got me!
I love her! PUAHAHA! But it definitely pays to have friends in the biz! She knows how much of a feen I am for hair products, so she calms my cravings.

Reason why I'm showing you this is because CIBU has their holiday sets available online on their website. AND!! Tomorrow is CYBER MONDAY!! YouTube Video PROMO

SHIPMON: Free Shipping on ANY ORDER
HALFMON: 50% Any Full Size PRODUCT!
PINSMON: Free Bobby Pin Sliding Tin

If there's one thing you should get, it's PHO FINISH!! Dead serious, hands down, this is the best hairspray I have ever used. It holds my curls all day w/o weighing it down. Your hair is moveable and manageable. No stickiness! This is my HG hairspray.

Oookay, I've spent some time on this blog. Time to get ready to head to my parent's house. I'm going to help my momma decorate her tree. WOO! OooOH I can't wait till me and the husby get our own tree!!

Have a lovely day!


A. Rose said...

wow. you and your husband are troopers...ruben and i went to the mall and we barely got anything since there were so many people. the long lines and the cluttered stores were really discouraging. i'm looking forward to cyber monday though!!

ps. the bf told me about GB...sorry, i was the reason he was out of town. haha. next time??

DSKNguyen said...

I think it's so cute how you call your husband "husby" that just makes so much more sense than "hubby"! You're clever. And I want all those presents!!

Patricia G. said...

We did major grocery shopping that day so that's why we didn't make it out there. Had to manage the funds. lol. anywho...we should invest in those in shower rack things that you can put in the corner of the shower. I had one at our old place it came in handy. Ronnie complains about all my stuff too...haha! Especially when they fall on his feet. lol! I'm glad you love the s&c. =) Ronnie has duty tomorrow and I have it on Friday so I guess any day between then or next weekend we can help you guys get your tree. =)

Iyah said...

aw girl! The husband and I went shopping 12am and did not finish til 1:30 in the afternoon. I had no sleep, I was hallucinating already! hahah!

We're almost done with the christmas shopping for the family :) I did not buy any make up stuff. hahah! :p

Tina Marie Online said...

hey woman, hope you had a great thanksgiving!

gahhhhd i used to like wrapping presents but now i'm not so into it. i don't mind the little stuff but when it's just too much to wrap i get super lazy. i'ma start paying you to wrap my presents for me. hahaha (;

M said...

thanks for the cibu notification! i've been curious about it for quite some time now :P

DSKNguyen said...

Hey Jen--

I got into jewelry when I was a junior in high school actually-- i took a trip to CA where my cousin designs jewelry, and she taught me. I learned a bunch of stuff, and will post them for fun randomly :)

I'm a senior in college now btw..and I live in snowy Michigan!

Janelle said...

Oh wait! Forget what I said earlier... I did buy something makeup-related this weekend! HAHA. I went to the NEX with my sister on Friday & got another tube of Shiseido mascara base. But besides that, I was very good. :)

I missed out on Gordon Biersch Friday night. Sucks because I wanted to see everyone again - especially the New Yorkers who came back in town *ahemWillConluahem* I just wasn't feeling well that night. :( Oh well, next time!

I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving weekend! I ate too much. I've started wrapping some gifts too. I'd like to thank you for inspiring me to get my Christmas shopping done early. I've still got a lot left to get, but hopefully I won't be overwhelmed like I have in past years! Nice haul too. That Mint shampoo sounds lovely!

K, ending this novel of a comment now.

Iyah said...

Yeah been so busy buying gifts for the family & relatives. We bought 1 each on every family member and we have like 6 families!! OMgah! so much money spent :( I'm soo broke! :(

Anywho, I have $15 off sephora too. I'm thinking of getting another Nars Blush :p

makemeup said...

So far i am loving my contour palette! You got some great haul on ur Cibu, tell us how you like it. And you already wrap Christmas presents already>>??? WOW I havent even shop yet. LOL, I wish i was like you!

Leslie said...

i love wrapping gifts too and it's true that it does put you in a good mood. I totally agree! Are you a military spouse too?

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