Friday, November 7, 2008

4 Years

These pictures were taken by our oh so lovely photographer, Tracy.
Well today is November 7th, and if Patrick and I were still dating, today would mark 4 years! Pretty crazy huh? We tied the knot on August 17, 2008 and I couldn't have asked for a better companion. I truly married my best friend! He makes me smile and after four years, the love hasn't died down one bit. Yes, I still swoon over him! (Mushy mushy! I know!). He's supportive in all that I do (even my junkie ways!). I'm lucky and blessed to have him in my life.
On a different note. We're leaving for Nova right after I get off work. I'm all packed and ready to go. But geez, I realized that I hate packing. It's only a weekend trip, so no need for a suitcase, just a duffle bag. But geez, I have my duffle bag with clothes, my makeup train case, and my tote bag filled with hair products and tools. I know that the husband is going to freak when he comes home and sees all the bags at the door! It's only a weekend trip, I know! But still! I need my hot rollers, CHI, blowdryer..hairproducts... EEEKS!
Oh yeah! I did a mini haul at ULTA last night too! Back to Basics Shampoo/Conditioner was only $4.99, so I bought the straightening one. I've used it before and loved the results. Along with my purhcases came a smoothing serum by TextureLine (sample size). I decided to try it since Janelle raved about it. AND! A boar bristle paddle brush. Sorry, I didn't take pics. I was too excited to use them! LOL!
Hope you guys have a lovely weekend! I'll report back with the damage from this weekend.

By the way, the Bears play the Titans this Sunday! Let's hope we WIN! GO BEARS!


Janelle said...

Happy Hypothetical 4 Years! LOL.

I ALWAYS overpack too. I know I don't need half the makeup I bring, but seriously.... you just never know!! Haha.

jeSmakeup said...

awWww ur married.. how cute is that! happy blated 4 years =)

Katrina said...

lovely wedding pic! jus want to ask if u hired a MUA or u did ur makeup yourself? i'm gettin married in 7mos but still thinkin if i should do my own makeup or hire a MUA. cause i can't find a good MUA with a reasonable price. all the good ones are too pricey!