Monday, November 17, 2008

Pigments! The Body Needs

Mondays are pretty whack aren't they? BLEGH! Anyways, so when I came home on Friday, I had a little package waiting for me. Ailene told me about I'm really not big into pigments. I only have one pigment, which is GoldStroke and I got that from CCO. The color payoff with using pigments are always good, so I thought I would give this website a shot. I have to admit, I was a bit hesistant. I've read mix reviews so I was a bit nervous. But I figured, $1.59 for a 1/4 tsp of a pigment? Not bad at all. 1/4 tsp. doesn't sound much, but the website says you can probably get 25-30 uses from it. I don't doubt it one bit, it already takes for-ev-er just to go through one regular pigment jar!

I don't want to make this entry so picture heavy, so just click to enlarge... =)

Well the good thing about today is that my Sephora package comes in!! WOOO! No worries, I'll post! Keep an eye out for that too!

So everyone has been raving about Mandom makeup remover, and now I'm anxious to try it. My sis-in-law, Patricia even ordered it online. Hmmm, so I've decided to order online too! Me and Janelle decided to collabo on our orders so instead of each of us paying $10 bucks for shipping, we can just pay $11 bucks for the both of us! Smart cookies, aren't we? I'm so excited to try this out, it's oil-free, fragrance-free, alcohol-free, and no-color is added. Two to three pumps is all you need! Plus, it tones your skin while cleansing! I'm SOLD!

My Clinique's Cleansing Balm is almost out, so I'm in need of a new makeup remover. Plus, Mandom is soo much cheaper than Clinque. Actually, eh, nevermind, not with shipping. Okay, seriously, no more product buying (unless it's a necessity, not a want! PUAHA). Me and the husby starting Christmas shopping already and it feels good to get stuff done right away. At least we won't be rushing last minute.

What do you use to remove your makeup? Oh yeah, and if you tried Mandom, let me know if you love it or hate it!


Janelle said...

Ooh pretty colors! I have yet to order from bodyneeds. I dunno, I just don't need anymore pigments right now! Maybe later.

I'm sad you didn't find Mandom at Grand Mart. I guess I'll have to order it online too. Dangit!

Right now I use Neutrogena Oil-free makeup remover. It's ok, I want something stronger! I used my DHC Deep Cleansing Oil last night. It broke me out the first time I used it, but I thought it might work well with my Shiseido brush. Cross your fingers with me that it doesn't wreak havoc on my skin! HAHA.

Anonymous said...

i love the colors! i use vaseline or cetaphil moisturizer to take my eye makeup off! haha. i know you joke me...but it works. i dunno..i guess i'm just so used to using it for so long plus it's cheap. my face is tough...and you're a softie so i know you don't like it! hehe. but one day i will join everyone and buy actual 'eye makeup remover'. haha.

A. Rose said...

i love pigments! i usually order two of the same color from that site so i can press them. they're so cheap!

and thanks for stopping by my blog. i need to start holiday shopping ASAP.

Kimberly Tia said...

ooo yay u got yourself some Mandom, isn't it YUM!!!??!?

Janelle said...

Yes, I've worked hard to build self control. It's so easy to want to buy everything in sight, but honestly I don't want to be stuck at home forever haha! I need to save for the future. Sigh. It sucks being a grown up sometimes, doesn't it?

And oh yah, look at that rock on your finger! I want to get a better look at it. ;)

Tina Marie Online said...

Pretty pretty colors. I love Teal pigment. One of my favorites! :)

veraology said...

hey pretty lady. thanks so much for the recommendations on the e/s. ill check those out next time~ i hope you dont mind but i'll be linking u (once i get my links organized) .

thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Those pigments look so good, but I'm always iffy because I don't know how well they will apply and adhere =/

Thanks for the lovely comment!! I need to practice putting on falsies as well, but first I need to go out and get some DUO glue!

ainstein said...

thanks chica! 188 is awesome! im so glad i got mine at a cco =) it's great to use for highlighters n blush.

Iyah said...

Yeah I went to my local japanese store and they have lots of mandom products! :D So I might try it too once I'm done with my cleansing balm. :) But then I love my cleansing balm :P

M said...

you're going to love the mandom makeup remover!