Monday, March 9, 2009

No HAUL Challenge

Ookay, so I'm quite impressed with the lovely readers, family, and friends that decided to join me in this whole "No Haul" challenge.

I'm actually pretty excited about it, and no, I haven't started twitching yet! LOL! The last thing I bought was on on Friday because they were having a 15% off discount! I just stocked on two essentials, which was a facial cleanser and tinted moisturizer. I was running low, needed them! The NO HAUL CHALLENGE started on the 7th, and it's only the 9th! PUAHAH!

The whole point of this challenge is to save money for yourself and realize that you have an abundance of products (from my dear friend, Kerry, who put me up to this!). She seriously made me realize that I have a ton of products that I need to put to use. For example, I have tons of shampoo and conditioner, but I always get tempted to buy new ones. I have like 4-5 different kinds in my shower! My friend Kerry is quite the product junkie herself, but she hit a sad realization when she had to throw out trash bags worth or products because they were too old. That's money out right there!
I'm not a makeup artist, nor do I have plans on becoming one. I love my products to death, but I stick to Marketing/Communication/Events as my profession. So technically, there's really no need for me to have tons of products. I have an overflow of products now, and the husby can only take so much of all the space I've taken in the bathroom.

Now this doesn't mean I've completely giving up my "junkie" ways, I'm just going to cut back a bit. And for the next month, no hauling for me (except for that MAC event.. LOL!). I do have one thing in mind that I'm craving, but I will wait a whole month until I purchase it! It's the Laneige Strawberry Yogurt Peel. OH MAN!! Since I'm on a no product phase, I tried the sample that Janelle gave me (Thanks again!). WOW! My skin felt sooo good! With the weather changing all the time (We had snow last monday and then we had 70 degree weather over the weekend.. wtf?!), my skin was extremely dry and a bit flaky. Sounds gross, but a combination of dead skin and product started flaking off, which revealed a more healthier layer of skin underneath. I have two more samples left, so hopefully that'll last me till April 14th!

Enough about that. My husby came home on Saturday! He was in New Jersey for work, but during his downtime he was able to hit up Atlantic City. He played the Craps table and was pretty successful! YAYEE! I jokingly asked him what my cut was.. (What? I'm his wifey! LOL!).. PUAHAH! He also made a trip out to New York and I asked him to get me something neat! He was like "UH, something neat? What the?" LOL! I said "I dunno, just something small from NY!" So I assummed that I would get a t-shirt since he visited a skateshop there, like I said, I just wanted something NEAT! HAHA!
When he came home, he said he had something "neat" for me. Then he told me to close my eyes. I opened them, and there was a pretty brown box with red ribbon. TA DA! It's the wallet I looked at ONCE before! WOOO! It accents perfectly with my Madison bag (All leather, Espresso colored!). It's like looovvee! Haha, that's my cut from his winnings... WOO!

I'm so glad that he's home. Being a military wife is extremely difficult and it really makes you apppreciate all the little things. Like cooking for 2 instead of 1 (sooo depressing!), coming home to someone (especially after a bad/hard day at work), saying "good night"... I sound like a sap, but oh well.

GAH! I can't believe it's stinkin MONDAY already! UGH! Case of the Mondays...

Have a lovely week everyone. And to my challengees, you guys can do it! You'll see more green in your wallet =)


Janelle said...

I've been tempted to buy new body wash LOL, but I still have to finish my current bottle PLUS I have a Dove soap bar I need to use. I'm gonna be good!! I'm glad you're sticking to it too.

And YAY I'm glad you like the Laneige sample!! I haven't tried mine yet but I might this week. I'm not too crazy about the Iope one I bought. The strawberry one smells yummy, no?

Hope you & the husby has a fun weekend. ;D

OOOH and why aren't you on Gchat!? I'm lonely!

Linda said...

Sounds like you're doing well! I'm on a no haul challenge for Lent. C'mon Easter...hurry up!!!

SiMPLYxMAi said...

i was doing good on saturday and sunday.. then i remembered that i wanted to buy that MAC studio sculpt.. boo. i gotta wait. ;x lol. good luck on yours!! ;]]

A. Rose said...

I have a case of the Mondays, too. Booo! Glad you found other people to participate in your challenge...good luck to all of you!

I totally sympathize with what you said about the whole military thing. I'm dreading the time when the bf gets deployed...

Girl with Curl said...

I keep telling myself not to buy anymore conditioner or shampoo because I'm really running out of room in my bathroom. I'm storing them in parts of the bath tub that I'm sure are meant to be clear of stuff.

They say being a military wife is one of the hardest jobs in the military. I believe it too seeing what my mom went through while my dad was in the Navy. And you aren't a sap..that actually reminds me to not take things for granted like that so thank you.

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

i ahve to "haul" on saturday- but i'm returning a lot of stuff lol

Iyah said...

Awww.. yes yes Laneige peel is sooo nice :) I tried doing a no make up haul, but I failed miserably :(

Paint Me Gorgeous said...

aw ur hubby's so nice ><

i'm sooo tempted to get more blushes (i have 2...cept 1 sucks lmao)

but i gotta hold off

DSKNguyen said...

lol no haul followers?!

beeyoutiful7 said...

I don't know how you're doing this !!
I feel like i should be in part of this...but....I just dont know! LOL.

All i can say, Good luck.


dxiv said...

In response to the comment about me being an emotional robot you left on my blog: hahahaha you're stupid! I know i know, everyone thinks i am now esp. what happened with kim and your bridal shower (man what a bitch i am) lol BUT she's used to it. hahaha AND i guess since she moved here, her connection to her emotions must have rubbed off on me... hence that mushy entry i wrote. ahh i'm so lame. lol and those brownies were not meat! gross dude. i hope you don't try making heart shaped meat loafs for st. patrick. i wish this was like facebook where i could just leave you a comment on the side or something cause it feels weird leaving you a comment that has nothing to do with your blog entry...

but speaking of which, i should probably do what youre doing, except with target because i buy random shit from there all the time.

alex216 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.


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