Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's been awhile!

It's been a little over a week since I've blogged. BLEGH! Oh well! It's been pretty crazy and busy at the same time. This past weekend, I went snowboarding with my husby, Trish, and Ronnie. The conditions were amazing! When we first got their, it was like powder. I ate it on my second run, but it didn't even hurt! Later on the day, I was getting of the ski lift and bam, we all collided into each other. It rarely happens, but this ski lift is sooo damn crowded. I fell hard on my right shoulder, my neck swung back and my head hit the ice. OUCHEE! I had to sit out, it hurt sooo much. On the way home, I could feel the neck pain. EH! Then the next morning, I felt like I was hit by a bus! I had that whiplash feeling. OH GAH! It was horrible. But now, I'm much better. Thank goodness for meds! PHEW! Moral of the story: BE CAREFUL WITH SKI LIFTS!

Oh yeah, a special thanks to Steph! I got my Lucido wax and the sweets! MMM! I got the volume wax and me likey!

Hmm, what else??? Oooh, so I'm ready to part with my long hair. Yes, that means CHOP CHOP! I grew my hair out for the wedding and it's never been this long. I've always had long hair, and the one time I cut it short (the husby, (bf at the time) said it was cute.. I wasn't aiming for CUTE =(. I visited the Locks of Love website and my heart goes out to all those little girls. Therefore, I've decided to donate my hair. I'm planning to cut 10 inches off to donate to Locks of Love. It's time to do something for others, besides, my hair grows pretty fast. Plus, if I cut 10 inches, I think my hair will go up to my collar bone (not bad eh?). Have any of you guys done this before? Some say the rule changed to 9 inches, and I even heard 8, but the website says 10... I'm confused?!?!

I'm excited to do it! I'm probably going to wait till the end of the month or mid month. I'm going to make an appt at the lovely Bubbles so they work some magic too! My hair is too beastly and it's getting overwhelming. I get so frustrated when I blow dry it cause it takes too long, and I even have a CHI blow dryer.

Update: I kept reading about Locks of Love and I'm a tad bit confused. I read that it is not recognized as Better Business Bureau as a reputable charitable organization. EEKS! And I even read rumors that they sell their hair??? ERR! I need to do more research.... I think I'm leaning towards Pantene: Beautiful Lengths, they work in partnership with the American Cancer Society. Wigs will go out to women with cancer.

Valentine's Day is coming up! OH GOODNESS! What do you guys have planned? Me and the husby are going to get massages (courtesy of Trish's Christmas gifts to us) that day. YAYEE! I need some relaxation. AND we have dinner plans at a nice steakhouse! I tried to get reservations at Ruth Chris's but the earliest was 10:30pm and I called on Monday. So if you guys need to make dinner reservations, I suggest doing them right now!

Yeah, um, this blog was totally random. Oh well, have a lovely day!


Kimberly Tia said...

awwwwww that's so great Jen - Locks of Love is such a great and worthy cause and such a honorable thing for you to do - and heck "hair grows back anyways" right???
Kudos to you for doing this!

and mmmmm RUTH CHRIS is absolute LOVE LOVE LOVE... Filet Mignon with extra buttah ftw! sauteed mushrooms... "whew"

glad to see you blogging love!

A. Rose said...

I'm glad you're donating your hair. I've always wanted to donate, but I've never grown it out that long. Maybe one day...My hair is just a little past medium length and I'm already getting frustrated with it. It takes so long to dry! I need to get a trim SOON!

VDAY. Oye. I don't even know what to get for the bf. He's so hard to shop for. But you're right, I need to get started on those dinner plans!!

Janelle said...

Yay welcome back! I know you've been super busy at work, but I miss reading your blog!

Aww, it's awesome you want to donate your hair to a good cause. I say GO FOR IT! You will look great with shorter hair.

As for Valentine's day.. well you know it's also my 2 year anniversary! We were originally planning on taking a trip somewhere, but we're both on a tight budget. We're def heading to Loudoun though for a wine trail & a mini-getaway. Wee I'm excited!

DSKNguyen said...

yay! you got the hair wax! Show us some sexy hair soon!! =P

What are you getting your husby for Valentine's Day? I don't know what to get my boyfriend..I thought you'd be good to ask since you're married now and all. haha you must have gave some good presents!

Anonymous said...

thanks for welcoming me back sucka! locks of love sounds cool..wish i could cut off 10 inches.not happening! sorry you got some mild whiplash...haha. that's why minorities shouldn't ski..haha. just kidding.

Somaly said...

hey girly. i was wondering if you was interested in some contacts. let me know.

Iyah said...

Ohhh! Locks of Love! :)

I dunno what to do on Valentines Day too. He already got me the HK things but I still dont have a gift for him :p

Patricia G. said...

Yayeeee! You're gonna love having short hair! I was so bummed that I couldn't donate mine. =( Next time though. =) I would actually try the Pantene one, it sounds legit. But watch out, you might love you short so much you might get balsy and go shorter! haha! It happens to the best of us. lol. You should see Carmen's hair, it looks soooooo f'ing cute! Anyways, I'll probably be seeing you tomorrow to pick up the stuff for my madre. Maybe we can meet in Norfolk or something. Half way. Just give me a call. Bye my love! AND you should chop your hair before I leave! I wanna seeeeeeeeeee! PLUS, I need a trim and I'm gonna get a perm. =) Let me know, we'll do a date!

oh yeah! one more thing, so I saw the Well-Defined collection and the foundation feels nothing like GA. Womp womp! But the concealer is amazing and the 195 brush is even better. =)

DSKNguyen said...

Jen!! I got your package in the mail today :) Thank you so much! You're so sweet to share your HG with me!!

I can't believe you sent it priority!! girl you are crazy.

I can't wait to try out my new CIBU goodies. Hehe I can't wait to post about them. ^^

I hope you're having a great weekend, it's actually warming up here in Michigan! yay!!