Sunday, October 26, 2008

MAC, Ulta, BeautyCrunch

Bummer! This weekend is coming to an end... back to Monday. WHACK! Anyways, since I started this blog last Tuesday, I wasn't able to show off the goodies I got at MAC! Soooo.. here we go:

109 Brush - My ultimate fav! I seriously love this brush! It's a small contour brush, but it's definitely good to use as a foundation brush. I paired this up with my Mineralized Skinfinish Loose, and it buffs so well! Janelle recently purchased this brush too, and she can attest! If you don't have it in your brush collection, I highly recommend it! Oh yeah, my friend Kim is a MAC MA and she used this brush for my wedding makeup and my face was absolutley flawless.
Brow Set (clear) - A good way to groom the brows
Mineralize Sheersheen Powder (Sheerbronze) - Highlighter with the right amount of shimmer
Bronze e/s - (not pictured because I depotted it! I'll show you my 1st palette in a later blog)
Paintpot (Groundwork) - Uh, just cause I'm addicted to buying paint pots! BUT! This is an everday base for me.

I haven't had a chance to check out the holiday sets. Although I'm tempted to, I'm trying to hold myself back from MAC until I go to D.C. (NoVA area). We'll see if I can do it.
As for this weekend, I was able to drag the husby to the mall! Wooo! I bought a few fall clothes, not too much though. Hopefully, I'll find more stuff later down the week. OoOh and I bought two more scarves. I think I'm done with purchasing scarves, I have way too many now.

Then! I dragged him to ULTA too! Oh goodness, I felt like a kid in candy store. Talk about CHI irons and blowdryers galore!! I only bought 2 OPI nail polishes and a huge round brush to style my beastly hair. Oh yeah, I got a free eyebrow waxing because I signed up for an ULTA points card!

One more thing! On Friday, I received my BeautyCrunch package! YAY! I only bought two things, but I'm very satisfied with my brush roll. I'm really happy because now, my brushes will be protected when I travel. Okay, I'm all
over the place with this blog, oh well!
Did anyone else go to MAC this past weekend??? What'd you buy? Yes, I'm nosey!


Janelle said...

Yes, I love the 109! Ok, so I've only used it once so far, but it does buff well! It's like a mini kabuki brush. Thanks again for the rec.

And yay for MAC hauls. Look at that eye candy. I hope you can hold out til you go to NoVa. I'm sure a lot of things will catch your eye. We'll talk more tomorrow hehe!

Kimberly Tia said...

ooo i love your brush roll set -- how fun!!! lucky girl!!

and definetly get a bumpit -- you'll lurve it =)

new follower -- keep up the great postings!! ^_^

Iyah said...

Lovely haul my dear! Love it! You're newly married too? So do I! I mean its just 9 months when I got married :P No babies yet. :P

Oh, about your drawers, why don't you put some designs on em? like scrapbook papers and stickers. :D

Iyah said...

Aw! I'm sorry to hear that :( Its probably so hard. Yeah married life has its ups and downs but I'm totally loving it. No regrets. :D

Don't worry, we'll be here whenever you get bored :D