Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NERD alert!

Ookay, the husby pitched an idea to me the other night.

"What about the GooglePhone?"

Having my heart set on the iPhone, I was still open to the idea. Here comes the research! I've been reading a couple of reviews on it and checking out the specs. I told him, as long as I have a calendar/organizer and wi-fi, I'd be set. I believe it's less expensive to stick with T-mobile, because AT&T will cost a pretty penny with the data plans. The only thing I'm bummed about is that T-mobile has some dead zones (especially the places we visit when we snowboard!). Then again, who says I'm going to carry an expensive phone while snowboarding? Hmmm.

I don't think the GooglePhone (G1) is a as sexy as the iPhone. But the white GooglePhone is quite pleasing to the eye.

Here's some specs from WIRED.

Oh yeah, with further research, I discovered that the GooglePhone doesn't have video? That's so weird!

I love my MACbook and my iPod, so maybe I should be loyal to Apple? Hehe!

Anyone have intentions on buying the GooglePhone? Who has the iPhone? Love it, hate it? I'd love to know!


Anonymous said...

You know I LOVE my iPhone. We'll see how great the GooglePhone will be. I'm not sure about their operating system, the Android, but the first batch always has the kinks and bugs.

There isn't much hype for this phone as there was for the iPhone. I still say go with the iPhone. Apple is a brand you can trust for high technology!

Kerry said...

Stick with the iPhone. I'm not a mac user but I did get my first NANO!! Todd got me the Nano chromatic!! YEAH...I have no idea how to work it.

Janelle said...

Get a BlackBerry!

missxxmai said...

hello! first time reader! i got the G1 phone today. i had the tmobile WING and i personally love the G1!! i have a friend who has the iPhone and of course the G1 does not compare to the iPhone, but if you said as long as you have the calendar and wi-fi you'd be set. i'm still getting use to it. but what do you mean about the videos? like recording?

Iyah said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my site :D & Thanks for leaving me a comment.

I want the new Iphone too! :D & I'm also thinking of getting a macbook :D The iphone can't record a video though. :(

As for your comment on my page, Devoted Poppy is nice but some colors are chalky. :( I have not buy anything yet. I'm still thinking.

Yeah the brushes are only $35 at Nordies :D