Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloweenie! Now, Where's Waldo?

HAPPY HALLOWEENIE!!! You found me! Yes, I dressed up as "Waldo" at work! Haha! I'm very comfy, it's like the only time I can wear jeans to work! Geez! But yeah, my work had a costume contest. I don't think I'll have any luck with winning though, there are some pretty good costumes around the office! I had to edit my photo a bit. The picture was taken with a whack "work" camera and there was no flash. Some couldn't guess what I was dressed up as! BUMMER! They never seen a Waldo book before! One guessed, "Asian Tourist?" I nearly died laughing when she said that. OH geez! LOL!

LEGOS! How freakin creative! A lego man! WOO! I'm voting for her for best costume!

And of course, my office neighbor, SPIDERMAN! PUAHAHAH!

I hope you guys have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! By all means, get scandalous tonight if you're a female! Heck, even if you're a male! LOL! Like I said in last blog, just think of MEAN GIRLS. HAHA! Have fun guys and eat some CANDY!



Janelle said...

You're such a cute Waldo! I think you did a great job! It's ok if you don't win the contest since the prize is wack anyways. :P

Kerrylove said...

Who was the lego man? Nancy was spiderman? That is too funny!! I first thought you were a snow bunny until I read the title. Very cute Waldo.

Anonymous said...

haha..aww you look shhoo cute! shoot i'd even wear that on a normal day...well except the camera. haha

Anonymous said...

You're so cute, Jen! You can wear that outfit on a regular! Hahaha.

Kimberly Tia said...

omg cute costume!!!!

lurve it -- and lego man and spidey ahahhhaha --- and i love those pumpkins!!

happy halloween! and YAY for you and your awesome button sewing skills ftw!

Janelle said...

Hahahaha did you add the pumpkin pic later?? I just now saw it & I cracked up haahaha. Niiiice.

Iyah said...

Hi Jen! Thanks for the comment! :)
Those pumpkins look adorable :p

Yeah I don't wear my contacts that often. I get irritated. :/ I need to get a new pair of glasses :)

And yeah clowns are pretty scary :/