Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Long Hair Don't Care

Say goodbye to my thick hair!
! Well, I'm not drastically chopping my hair off, but I have decided to get more layers to lighten the load. I need to have it texturized! I took Kimero's advice, and I'm going to visit her hairlady at Bubbles. This doesn't mean I'm breaking up with my hairstylist, Carolyn (I still love you!), I just need a quick change. Plus, it's closer to the house. My hair is way too thick and it's taking forever to blowdry it. I feel like it's way to heavy and I'm not getting any lift at all.

Say Bye, Bye!

New look tomorrow... OoOOOh I can't wait.


Aprecia said...

Hey Jen. Thanks. Im getting photobucket- heard it was easier. I like ur hair- it's wavy and pretty. Im adding u on my blogroll- hope u dont mind.



Janelle said...

Ooh how exciting, I love getting a haircut. Can't wait to see pics!

vietbaby said...

oOo cant wait to see ur new hairdo!

will conlu said...

whatup jennapoo! now i can just read yo blog to get updates on yo life! haha hope all is well over there. see you guys in thanksgiving! cant wait to get my grub on at the 50 different houses i'll be eating at.

missxxmai said...

it doesn't record, but it'll do for me! picture quality is actually really good =) i'm still getting the juxt of it like i said, but so far i love it!

your hair is so long and beautiful!! i just chopped off my hair too. but mine was not as long as yours!!

jeSmakeup said...

someitmes its ok to have thick hair.. cuz it gives uthe volume.. too flat is too boring.. like my hair! err i hate it =( i want volume! lol