Thursday, February 25, 2010

Under The Weather

I took a shot of NyQuil last night, hoping that'll I have a better morning. But that wasn't the case this morning, I still feel restless and my sore throat didn't seem to get better. The good thing is that the cold chills are gone. So that's why I didn't blog yesterday, simply because I was under the weather. Which makes me thing, should I blog everyday, every other day? Hmmm....

I feel like my life has pushed on the accelerator. Things have been happening so quickly, but no matter what, it's all coming together. Next Wednesday, I'll be leaving VA to take care of some personal matters in San Diego. I'm so ready to escape this 30-40 degree cold and have some sunshine in my life. Any places that you recommend in San Diego? Whether it's food, shopping, etc, let me know! I'm def having my share of carne asada fries, In-N-Out, and YogurtLand for sure (or as my cousin would say, "fo sho!")

OH! So let's talk career lifestyle. In preparation for the move to Cali, I have to prep myself for the interviews. I don't actually have a good suit in my wardrobe, and I know that's essential. But, I don't want to go interviews looking stale in a suit. I want to look sharp, chic, and comfortable. Any suggestions for interview outfits? Or what stores do you recommend? This weekend, I'll definitely swing by Express, The Limited, and New York & Co, H&M, Banana Republic, J.Crew and perhaps Nordstrom. Any store recommendations?

I catch myself daydreaming about Cali during work at times. I try to snap out of it but it's so hard. I mean, having to start up your car a few minutes before the drive just to warm it up isn't cool. So, I'm excited to get ready, see the sun, and walk out with a light jacket (or not even a jacket!). We'll see, I'll still miss you Virginia.

Keep the comments coming guys! It makes me know I have some readers out there! Haha! So here's a question, for all you bloggers out there, do you respond to each of your comments? Hmm, should I reply to comments or not?


Janelle said...

The stores you mentioned are great places to find work clothes! I think you have a really good fashion sense (better than me!), so I'm sure you'll find something perfect for your interviews. Just don't stress too much! That's why you're getting sick!

As for the comments, I used to reply to each one on the individual post - but when I blogged a lot last year, I usually replied on the commenter's own blog. That way they know I've read their blog as well. Plus, I always like getting comments so I'm sure other bloggers do too. :)

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