Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Not So "SUMO" Haul & Palettes

As most of you beauty junkies know, MAC had their Friends and Family 25% discount. Promo code "SUMO" was the magic word using their promo image of a jolly sumo wrestler. Well, of course, I ordered. My order wasn't so "SUMO" but I'm pleased. I got the stuff I was eyeballing and staying within my budget. Of course, there's tons more that I would like to have grabbed, but I'll save that for another day. I wanted to focus on getting more soft browns and I think I have completed my mission.

Here's the goods....

15x MAC Eye Palette
Soft Brown e/s
Soba e/s
Romp e/s
Beauty Marked e/s
Sketch e/s
Paint in "Untitled"
Cream Colour Base in "Hush"

I got some "product sweat" on my CCB but it's okay. A little swirls here and there and it's gone. But let me tell you, out of all the stuff I bought, "Hush" is my favorite! I used it on the apples of my cheeks and then dusted "Soft & Gentle" Mineralized Skinfinish and I'm glowing like a champ!

Anyways, after putting the pans in the palette, I ran upstairs to get my other palettes and do some reorganizing. I don't have any hot colors, cause I tend to stick with the browns, neutrals, and the smokeys. Here's a pic of all my palettes, rearranged! I don't have anymore single eyeshadows (wait yes, I have one more!) , I like having all my stuff in a palette. If it's not in there, I'll neglect it.
So when I get ready for work, I usually get a tad bit frustrated because I have to open each friggin palette to find what I was looking for. So, I finally decided to label them! Phew!

Here's my palettes! Nothing fancy shmancy. It might look a little dark, but I wanted to take these pictures without flash so you can see the color.

Err! So I'm a tad bit bummed with this third palette. I bought Mink & Sable at CCO, and I didn't even realize how close it was to Sumptous Olive. DOH! Oh well. So as you see, I have 12 spots left. I'm not in a rush to fill these up, but sooner or later I will.

So you tell me, what staples am I missing? What's your fave e/s?
Blush Palette

Anyways, I'm just glad it's Thursday! Which means, it's payday! WOOT WOOT! Oh yeah and one more thing. I have to show you guys the romper I ordered. I'm been on the hunt for a romper for quite some time, but I had no luck. Finally, I saw this on WOOT! Only $19.99! What a steal. My only worry is the fit of it. Eeeks, I hope it'll fit right. If not, what a complete womper! I showed this to the husby, and he was like "You're going wear that out in public?" And I had to tell him all the different way I could wear this bad boy and that'll I'll probably layer it. PUAHAHA! Oh man oh man. Does it look like pajamas to you?? Honestly?

Ookay, one more day till Friday! Hurry UP! I was supposed to head over to DC to celebrate my old man's birthday, but plans changed. DOH! OH well, I think it's going to be a movie weekend. I'm going to watch "My Sister's Keeper" with Tricia (don't forget tissues), and then probably Transformers 2 with the husby. I'm not complaining, I loove watching movies I live for my weekends.

Okay, later beauty homies!


Janelle said...

Nice haul! I must be the only one in the world who didn't order from the Sumo sale. Oops!

I love your neutral palettes!

Edna said...

Wow, that's a lot of neutral eyeshadows! I think I know which eyeshadow= your favorite! All that glitters!! What color combo do you like best from your neutrals?

Aww, I wanna watch My sister's keeper, but I've been so lazy reading the book :(

A. Rose said...

your palettes put mine to shame! i live for browns as bright colors are untouched for the most part.

i wish they had another 30% off sale!

DSK said...

Beautiful!! hehe u make me want more MAC!

Jane said...

great haul! thanks for sharing! (=

anyway.. i la la love your palettes! i'm the same way.. very neutral/smokey-ish w/ my shadows but i actually have pinks & purples in mine. i only have one palette filled up but i am working my way on the second! (=

my SUMO haul wasn't SUMO either.. i only got 2 items.. LOL!

XOXO ~ Jane<33

KRYSTAL said...

lol @ the "not so sump haul" haha!

omg i love all your palettes!

Carm said...

Very nice love. I would say you stayed reasonable with it...I am such a bum I did not get down on the sumo sale...I hope your romper rocks...

Miss Eve said...

So gorgeous make up kits and such a tasteful post :-) Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend, much love: Evi

Roxy said...

my sumo haul is taking foreverrr to ship! =[ im jealous! but you're totally missing vanilla girl! haha =]

izumi said...

i really like woodwinked ;) you should get more purples! or maybe that's just me talking 'cause i love purples xD

love your blush palette!! so.. pretty! i adore all of the colors :D

i'm not a big fan of rompers D: and that material does make it look a little like pj's but i'm sure you can pull it off, esp if you layer xD