Monday, July 13, 2009

Out with the OLD, in with the NEW!

I've been on the prowl for new makeup storage for awhile. My bathroom countertop started to look like a hot mess, the products have finally won and have consumed my countertop. I was sick of Rubbermaid/Sterlite drawers, and I wanted something chic! My Sterlite drawers were piling high and the husby always teased me of my towering product storage. I googled "makeup storage" like a maniac, and then I even looked up "stationery storage" because it could serve as a multi-purpose storage. Then finally, I'm stumbled on a crafty blog! She had regular IKEA drawers, then decided to slap some vintage wallpaper on the drawers. Then it hit me, I was finally inspired....

Being that I live in an area that lacks the better things in life (i.e. Ikea, Georgetown Cupcakes, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, Coastal Flats, etc), I usually have to travel 3 hours to get to these places. BLAH! My dear friend, Mar offered to pick up the storage at IKEA for me, but unfortunately they didn't have it there. Being the persistent person I am, I eBayed that bad boy! WOO! Lo and behold, I got it! It was $19.99 plus $12.99 shipping. UGH! Shipping was expensive, but hey, I ordered on Thursday and I got it this past Saturday!

I do love ordering stuff online, and I have a sick obsession of tracking my stuff constantly. Knowing that I would get my package on Saturday, I had to stop by Target on Friday night. I made way to the scrapbooking section and fumbled through all the paper. I saw the usual, floral prints here and there, baby prints, wedding themes, and then, I saw zebra stripes! WOO! Safari theme! I own you!

On Saturday, me and the husby came home from the beach (oh yeah, we also made a detour to get some "Just Cupcakes!"), and as soon as we parked, I saw the FedEx note on the door. I was crushed! I thought "ERGH! Now I have to wait till Monday... SON OF A..." THEN! I read the note closely and the box was checked that said "Left at Front Door". I swung the door open and there it was.

I danced on my porch, and the husby just said "OH MY GAH!" HAHA! I'm sick, I know! I pulled out the husby's tools. He asked if I needed help, and my excitement ran through and I said "No, I'm good!". When I laid out all the pieces.. I thought "CRAP!". But I took a deep breath, and opened the direction and began hammering away.

I did it! I felt accomplished, I like assembling stuff. I'm quite handy, ya know? So check it out! Pretty nifty eh? With the scrapbooking paper I bought at Target, I just traced out the drawers then slapped some craft glue.

So while I was doing this, I figured I'd let you guys peep my stash. It's not much, but it's okay. I also bought purple inserts from Office Depot for better organization (thanks for the tip, Trish!). After doing this, I went crazy with my whole bathroom countertop. I bought a basket for my hair products for my countertop, and I cleaned out all my other bathroom drawers. I threw away old products and old makeup. But I felt better and now I have a fresh start!

Drawer 1: Lip Products
Drawer 2: Mascara Primer (note: I LOVE Lancome better than Shiseido!), Mascaras, Concealers, and Brow Sets
Drawer 3: Other Palettes and Beauty Sponge

Drawer 4: Eyes! Primers, Bases, Eyeshadows, Small Palettes, Fluidlines, Quads, Pigment Samples, etc

Drawer 5: My "MUG-shot" drawer, a.ka. the face drawer! Prep +Prime, Tinted Moisturizers, MSFs, Cream Colour Bases, Blushes, Highlights, etc.

My basket of goodies! This is only a partial of my sick obsession with hair products! There's more in my bathroom drawers, but these are my favos. Oh yeah, and my lotions are in here!



So this is my new storage baby! I'm so proud! I stored my brushes and palettes on top. The brush containers are from Michaels. I love it cause they are black and it's rectangler. It's a Sephora inspired brush holder, so I do have the clear beads inside, but I doubt you can see them.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Whoa, First YOUTUBE Vid!

AHHH! What was I thinking? I know, I want all whole freakin CIBU Spring Roll Line and that Deva Fuser! Haha, this is embarassing but I shouldn't have any shame. Wish me luck! This is my video response to the lovely CIBU17!

PUAHAHAH! That screenshot is not flattering at all! PUAHAHAHAH!

BUMMER! This is a fallout tutorial! My hair didn't turn out the way I wanted it to because I flat ironed it in the morning. BOO! But it still has tons of volume. PUAHA! AH well, it was def. worth a shot. There's lots of good entries, so we'll still where this goes. OH! And sorry about the volume, I have no idea why it's sooo loooow. It was loud in iMovie and in QuickTime. GAH! I have a new found respect for people that do videos on YouTube. It's toughie!

A big thanks to Tricia and Carmen! THey uplifted me with this whole video thing. I was uber shy and nervous to do this, but they told me it turned out good. Thanks, loves!

Well, today is practically my FRIDAY at work! And tomorrow, we're going to do some outlet shopping! WOOT WOOT!

Have a lovely 4th everyone! Later beauty homies!