Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quality Time Over Cupcakes

A special thanks to the ones that left comments and twitter messages welcoming me back. It's good to be back! Haha, it's only a few, but I know there's some readers out there, don't think I can't track you. PUAHAH! I'm kidding, I seriously have no idea who's reading this! I'm just glad you're reading.

As most of you know, me and the husby will be moving to San Diego due to his military orders. I'm anxious, but I'm a nervous wreck at the same time. Why? Maybe, it's because I've never moved before. I've been stuck in good ol' Virginia for a quarter of my life (Yes, that means I'm 25). I wish I could use the excuse of feeling like a big fish in a little pond, but I'm no big shot here, so that wouldn't be valid. But the farthest I've moved was from about 15 miles from my parent's house.

I have a big family. But, throughout the years and even the most recent days, my big family started to migrate. Some in Texas, some in San Diego, and who knows where to next. I've always been the one left behind, but in a little over a month, it'll be my turn to say, "see you later!". All I can say is I'm going to be a wreck!

So as my days in Virginia start to dwindle, my parents never fail to consistently remind me how much they are going to miss me. It's going to be tough on them, even on me. I'm very close with my family, not just my immediate but my extended. The good thing is that I have family in California. My brother, his fiance, and my sister-in-law all moved to San Diego recently. Also, my husby's side of the family isn't too far away either, so as long as I'm with family, I'll know I'm in good hands.

For the time I have left in VA, I'm savoring every moment with family and friends. My little cousin, Jazmyn is my "mini-me", so spending time with her and brother is one of my favorite things. We love baking together and she's an awesome helping hand. So, we've paged through the Martha Stewart Cupcake book together and made a deal to make cupcakes when we can. Take a look at our cuppycakes! All scratch baby!

Now that I'm back into blogging, I'll be sure to take better pics. The pics below are from my iPhone so the quality is pretty whack. But you get the idea.

Over the weekend, it was a sad realization that cupcakes are hard to transport! Seeing smeared frosting on saran wrap straight up sucked! I was on the hunt for this at Macy's but then ran out! Grrr... Guess I'm going to have to visit another Macy's cause I really want this!

I told you this blog was going to be different from before! Haha, hope you don't mind. Like I said in my last one, I'll still do my beauty reviews. Welcome to the life of JenTheJunkie!


Anonymous said...

I freakin' love Martha Stewart's stuff. Haha.

Gonna miss ya! But as long as we have gchat, I think we're good! Bwahahah.

A. Rose said...

looks delicious!! i baked some delicious red velvet and chai cupcakes a while back only to realize that no one in my family likes sweets!! i ended up eating most of it =X

i hate the idea of moving away from family too. if and when it does happen, i'm making them move with me! haha.

Janelle said...

Don't leeeeaaavvee!! Who will I collabo on my LUSH orders with?? WAH! LOL. :P I'm excited about the upcoming changes in your life. Yay for 2010! Like Ronalyn said, as long as we have gchat, we're good.

I haven't baked in a while. Maybe this weekend!

Jamilla Camel said...

Love the cupcakes!

You wil LOVE San Diego..it's one of my face places!