Thursday, January 22, 2009

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser Review

Oookay, so I was hoping to do my big wavy hair tutorial, but I'll just put it off till my next post. Actually, I'm still debating if I should do it! Here's a pic of my big hair, interested in achieving?

Anyways, so as I was shopping for my dear friend Kim's birthday gift (I bought her NARS Deep Throat
Blush and a VS duffle bag), I managed to snag something for myself. Just a little thing! I wanted to try Fresh's Soy Face Cleanser. I wasn't ready to fork out $38 bucks on a full size, so travel size will do for me.

"Soy Face Cleanser, Fresh's most popular cleanser for all skin types, is an extra gentle, fragrance-free, multi-tasking gel formula that instantly whisks away every day impurities, removes makeup, and is safe to use on the eye area. Safe for use on the eyes, it's face maintenance made easy. Plus, it's soap free and will never leave behind a film or residue." - from

The Impressives:
Soap-free. This is plus for me because soap usually leaves a film-like feeling on the face. Plus, soap-free products are good for sensitive skin!
Smell. Smells like fresh cut cucumber! I like it. The more natural smelling it is, the less I feel like I'm putting a bunch of irritants on my face.
Toner. It acts like a toner too! So, I'm able to skip the toner step. WEE!
Smooth. After rinsing, my face feels clean and smooth! Not tight, like other removers I've used.
Skip a step. I feel like I've tried every combination of skincare/makeup remover that I've had. For awhile I used Clinique Cleansing Balm, then followed with Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk. When I finished the Balm, I started using Mandom Cleansing Moist, then followed with Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk. Then, I decided to stop Mandom for awhile, and try Clinique Cleansing Milk (This is horrible stuff! I used it twice and now I'm going to return it and get a full size Fresh) then Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk. OH GAH! And this was all over a few months span. I was tired of using a full face makeup remover, then following up with a cleanser. I wanted an all in one! So, I use Fresh to cleanse the face and remove the makeup. Now, I'm using Mandom on just the eyes only, then Fresh all over. So far I'm loving it!
Travel-Friendly. It's in a tube! Woo! I always get nervous when I have pump cleanser, cause they just might spill everywhere. Plus it's hygienic.

The Wompies:
Price. GAH! $38 for a facial cleanser. I guess it isn't too bad, because I used to buy a full on makeup remover, then a facial cleanser. STILL!
Foaming. It says its a foamy cleanser, but it's more milky then foamy.

As for any latest hauls, hmm, not so much! I definitely took advantage of the cosmetic settlement and was able to score a bunch of Clinique Moisture Surges (I love this stuff! I had used it before, but I think it's a good summertime moisturizer than winter, but you can use it as a mask!) and one night serum thingy. No perfume, BUMMER! I really wanted the Coco Chanel Mademoiselle lotion to match my perfume, but they didn't have any! GAH! Oh yeah! I did get the Strawberry Scrub by Mario Badescu. It's only $15 bucks and it's a huge tub. I loved the sample so much, I had to get a full size. Plus, it's good to exfoliate the face two times a week. It's pink and you can actually see the strawberry seeds (hard to see cause of the webcam)

I'm halfway through "Confessions of a Shopaholic" so far soo good! I should be done by next week? Maybe. I get soo busy sometimes, I don't have time to read. BLEGH!

Hmm, what else? Oh yeah, I'm getting off work early tomorrow! WOOO! A half day for me because it's my two year anniv. at work! Haha, I'm a geek for being excited. So hmmm, what am I doing to do? Whatever the crap I want to do! I'm just going to have some "ME" time! Yes, that means going to Sephora to return that bloody Clinique Cleansing Milk because it sucks so much and a trip to MAC. I only have one thing in mind to get! And that's the 226 brush! It looks lovely....Anyone tried it?

You know what I'm bummed about? I got a Bamboo tablet as a Christmas gift, and I haven't had the time to sit down and watch the tutorials! I installed all the software on my MAC. I need to get on it... *SIGH*

AND! Another snowboarding trip on the 31st! WOOOO!

Okay, that's all.. Have a lovely day!


Janelle said...

OOH you got the Bamboo!! Lucky you. I want to get a MacBook first, then maybe I'll get more fun stuff like the Bamboo tablet hehe. It's really called Bamboozle, right? Something like that haha.

That Soy Face Cleanser sounds really nice! I'll stick to my foaming Purity for now, but if it stops working for me I might try that one. I'm glad you found something you love! Hunting for skincare products can be tiring after a while.

And even though I already know how you achieved that wavy hair look, I think you should still do a tutorial. ;D Jolga! Ahahahaa.

Neeyuh said...

I'd like to see a tut on the big hair, cuz my hair sure does need some bigness! lol. Nice review on the soy face cleanser, it sounds reallly good. Ohh and sorry for not coming by sooner and saying thank you for telling me about the cibu pho finish. I've heard so much about cibu, I think I just need to give in and get me some already! =)

Iyah said...

Ohh pretty hair! :) Oh yeah, you use a lot of make up remover. I usually just use my Cleansing Balm and it works so good especially on my eye area then followed by my laneige toner and moisturizer :)

That strawberry Scrub looks yummy! You should do a review on it. I have the sample but never bothered to try it. :(

I am also half way through the shopaholic book. I should be done before the movie comes up :D I'm excited! :P

Ohh, I'll check out MAC 109 brush and yeah the 226 looks lovely :D

M said...

love confessions of a shopaholic!

ohh i really like your hairrr!

kae said...

yes! i want a tutorial on the hair! hahha.

oooh you got a bamboo too! where did u find the tutorials? i need to watch them cuz its been sooo long since i've played with photoshop that i FORGOT some stuff. but thing is, supposedly the photoshop isnt compatible with windows vista 64 bit so idk wth to do cuz it wont open when i install it!

LOL no the hubby didnt see me like that! and i deleted all picture evidence too =P u should do it one day for fun and wake up ur hubby looking like that :D

Kristine said...

woot! woot! lovely hair.. i still hasn't gotten my mb item but i will soon. i have that book also but it's just sittin in my desk forever.. i wish i could start readin it soon..

abby =) said...

soy cleanser sounds like my kind of product i should look that up. your hair looks fab btw

A. Rose said...

Sigh, once again you've got me itching to try a new product. That cleanser is so expensive though!! Eek!! I'm partial to my Aveeno but I'll keep this cleanser in mind when I'm feeling adventurous/"spendthrifty."

That MB scrub almost looks edible! I actually have never tried the sample...maybe I should dig that up. Besides, I've started using my MB products again in the last week or so and so far so good.

DSKNguyen said...

lol at first I thought you were talking about a soy sauce face wash!! ahahahaha

I like your curly hair! teach us!

chethran said...

Thank you. I just wanted to know where to ship it since I know now to keep producing it

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