Monday, January 5, 2009

Ringing in 2009 with a BANG!

Our mini vacay to NoVa was simply amazing! I could go on and babble and babble about everything that went on, but I'd run you around in circles. So, I'll break this post up in topics, so I can stay focused too...

Tuesday Night. We arrived at my brother's house in NoVa that night. Thinking, that we were just unwinding with a glass of wine turned into downing a few bottles. EEEKS! The girls were drunk as a skunk and the guy sat back and laughed... Then! When we dropped our luggage in the guest room, I noticed a post it with my name on it! The fabulous Kimmy left me some PRIVE Products!! WOOOO! I was stoked! Prive smells soooo good!!!

New Year's Eve. Off to our snowboarding adventure. It's too bad my sick butt got car sick. BLEGH! What's wrong with me??? I need to start carrying Dramamine in my purse. Then finally, we packed on the gear and hit the slopes. We knew the guys had a plan to ditch the girls since they are a tad advanced (*wink), so as soon as we got to the lift, they said "Oookay, guys on this and girls on the next" DAMMMIT! We all had our hearts racing while we were on the lift. I wanted to impress the husby and make sure I didn't fall. SUCCESS! =) He was proud... After snowboarding, we were supposed to meet up with my fam, but we were all too lazy! The night ended with a good ass steak dinner, Kings, and drunken Taboo. Uhhh, we definitely got our 2nd win. Oh yeah, women are much better communicators than men, it's was proven with a game of taboo. Guys got their asses spanked!

SnowBettys!!!! WOOO!

New Year's Day. Loafed all day in sweats!! Slept till like 1pm. Laid around. Took this picture.Tickle contest (don't ask). Dinner at Coastal Flats. YUM YUM!

Friday. The girls were too sore to board again, so the guys took another trip. My tailbone was still sore so I wasn't trying to risk it either. So instead, I had some quality time with my sis-in-law, Patricia. During our trip we drooled at Chanel purses, MAC (Haul: Gilded Ash eyeshadow, Blush palette, Trace Gold Blush), Lush, Panda Express, TangySweet, Georgetown Cupcake. Don't judge us! Just because we hit up a lot of food places, doesn't mean we're fatties!! LOL! (Oh yeah! I depotted my blushes to fit in my palette! I was skurred as crap to crack/break it, but I done did it! Even EMOTE!)

Oh! And Kim was so kind to show our (me and Trish's) blogs to the project manager at CIBU. There were kind enough to give us CIBU bags from New York's Fashion Week - Christian Siriano Show. WOOOO! It has my holy grail hairspray, PHO FINISH along with some extra goodies. Keep an eye out for a review! Thank you, KIM! AND! Thank you CIBU project manager!!

Saturday. Caught up with the fam. Frozen Yogurt at IceBerry (I like IceBerry better than TangySweet, they are not stingy with toppings! BUT! I still love the local Skinny Dip!!) and back to the beach. Our mini vacay was ovvveerrr!! NooOOOO!

Okay, I'll catch up with this bloggy thing later. I'm too tired. This whole "full" work week isn't working for me. I'm exhuasted and it's only Wednesday tomorrow... GAH!

Someone please tell me the weekend is near? Hope you all started 2009 right, I know I did =)


Janelle said...

Ooh looks like you started off the New Year right! Look at all those CIBU products! *drool* If you need to unload anything that you already have, you know who to go to. ;) Maybe we can swap something.. LOL.

We still might to snowboarding this weekend! If our plans become finalized, I'll be asking you for some pointers. I've only been skiing & that was a long time ago!

DSKNguyen said...


Where is NoVa?

M said...

mmmmh frozen yogurt, i haven't been to a iceberry though.

i see lush goodies!

Peaches said...

wow-e what an adventure! haha, drunk as a skunk! did they stink? lMBO. while i was reading and looking at the pictures, i thought didn't i already read this? i read patricia's blog and it looked similar. har-e har har. o yea. guess who's turning 24 today!!! its her b-day. starts with a J. i think u know now.

abs ♥ said...


Sarai said...

omg jen!! those little cupcakes made my mouth water. i love sweets!!! the snowboarding pics were awesome. :) 2009 has blessed you already!!! and of course your mac haul.. i cant wait to see whatcha think of your new products!


A. Rose said...

Ruben told me about dinner at CF and snowboarding. I was still coughing up a lung and I had to spend time with my cousins, so sorry we didn't get to meet up. Looks like you had a blast up here though! I'm dying to try those cupcakes!

I'm so jealous of your haul! I ordered more MAC as soon as I found out about their 25% off sale...can you guess what I got? All I can say is I blame you! :P

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

Nope, not the 25% off sale. I'm saving for the MAC Hello Kitty collection.. I've loved Hello Kitty since before I can remember and I've loved MAC since high school. It's like 2 really flyy people getting together and making a Gorgeous Baby, lol..... I'm too silly.

M said...

ohhh i got a sample from mufe (the mascara) will try it soon! :P

Virgo Girl said...

...well I am envying your CIBU gift bag in return! I have heard alot about the product and have been meaning to try it out.

Right now I only have one paint pot...but you should see my MAC online wishlist, I have every paint pot color on it (and my list doesn't even include my Hello Kitty wants)! I think I want just about every item MAC has!

AND I am also trying to put some money aside for a Sephora/Smashbox purchase. At this rate, I am gonna have to start looking for a part time job! Hehehe

Well I will be looking forward to your CIBU review, and in the mean time, I will be working on a Wish List blog. :-P

DOPE*NESS said...

Hey Jen!!!!! Look's like you had a great time :) Snowboarding!!! How funny I'm about to take my first trip Snowboarding with my Fiance next weekend!!! It's my first sooo excited!!!

Moette said...

i'm so jealous that you got all that free stuff frim kim! lucky bia! that yogurt from iceberry looks so freakin good. i haven't been on here in awhile..sorry. later loser.

mar247advice said...

Looks like you had a great New Years! (even though we discussed this already hehehe). 2009 seems more promising that 2008! BTW: Iceberry looks goooood!

dxiv said...

Hey! So kim told me about your blog and I just wanted to say waaaadddup. i don't get the contact info that its asking for in the end of this submission form here, but whatever. anyway, sounds like you guys had a great time snowboarding. i definitely would have broken something, so i just stuck to the safe route... drinking. haha anyway happy new year to you and Mr. St Patricks day.