Monday, December 29, 2008

Cheers to 2008 ....

2008 was the most promising year by far for me personally. I've been blessed throughout 2008 and I hope that God will continue to bless me and my family with the blissful years to come. The year started out amazing, just take a look for yourself...

engaged. The husby proposed on 01.18.08! It was amazing! I seriously had no idea what he had planned up his sleeve that day. It seems like it was yesterday, dinner at the sushi restuarant where we had our first date, and then going back to his place and seeing a trail of flower petals on the ground. OH GAH! I cried my eyeballs out like a baby! Oh yeah, and my ring is simply gorgeous! PUAHAH! Had to brag! LOL!

wii. Sometime in January, z104 (local radio station) busted in my office at work and delivered my WII! I won a contest! WOOO! I was nervous as heck! HAHA! It didn't help that I had to hold the mic and say "Hi, I'm Jen and thanks to z104, I just won a WIII!!" LOL! I totally geeked out.

rekindled. As you get older, you realize that the petty drama you had years ago wasn't worth losing a friendship. Luckily, I rekindled the friendship with my high school friend and we smashed the drama. This is when you start to realize that you're not getting any younger and there are far more things to worry about than petty drama.

snowboarding. As winter season ends, it's time to hit the slopes just one more time! I took this shot of the husby!! WOOO! Look at him gooo, sooo hott! LOL!

engagement party and bridal gown shopping. My parents threw an engagement party for me and Patrick while his parents were in town from California. It was lovely! Oh and bridal gown shopping felt super fun! Haha, I won't forget the time I was shopping with my girls in NOVA and I tried this beautiful gown on. Then, I asked how much, she said "It's only $3,900.. GAH! Okay, let's take this off now! But alas, I found the dress of my dreams! Come to find out later, it was on the cover of BRIDE this year.

80s. HAHA! This pic is one of my favs! This is all of us getting ready to head out to the LegWarmers concert in NoVA! It's a strictly 80s concert and you have to dress the part. It was tons of fun! It took forever for me to crimp my hair but I done did it! My hair was straight up flammable! I was scared whenever someone lit a lighter during a song! OH GAH! That would have been bad!

miami. Oh GOODNESS! What can I say that won't get me in trouble? Hahaha, KIDDING! The husby had his bachelor party in Vegas and me and my girls headed to Miami for 4th of July weekend! Our hotel was loveeellyy! Free Happy Hour drinks! OH MAN! Our flight back home was at 6am, umm yeah not a pretty site. I was still drunk when I checked in with the flight attendant. LOL! My cousin was hungover... PUAHAH!

bridal shower. This is when wedding plans were coming down to the wire. But my mother and my good friend, Mar are sooo good to me, they threw a beautiful bridal shower for me.

wedding. I was absorbed in wedding plans for 2008! People say it takes a year to plan a wedding, well I did it in 7 months! It's possible, you'll just be stressed to your jugular! But in the end, it's all worth it. The wedding was gorgeous and my husby is soooo handsome. We exchanged vows while I cryed my eyes out AGAIN! Most of his family flew from California and my maid of honor, Morrissa flew from Florida. Everything was perfect on that day!

honeymoon. After all the stress, it was nice for me and husby to get away. While we had cruise plans to go to Cozumel, Mexico, hurricane plans changed the route. We ended up in the Bahamas. But it was still a beautiful site!

pounds. because this was the "wedding" year, I've lost 8-9 lbs!! So far, I've only gained a pound or two extra... But I'm hoping to maintain it! EEKS! My aunties have no shame when it comes to talking about weight. They have no shame to tell me "you've gained weight, eh?" OR! "look you're soo skinny now, you used to be chubby!" OH GAH!

townhome. Me and husby picked out a townhome for us to live in. It's beautiful! I had sooo much fun decorating. I looovvee interior design. So I had fun picking out furniture, window curtains, kitchen table, etc.

In 2008, it was promising for my personal life. As for 2009, I'm hoping that it will be promising for my professional/career development. Let's hope 2009 has a lot in store for me! As for posting, this is me signing off my last post for 2008. I'll check back in 2009! WOO! As for ringing in the New Year, I'll be spending time with loved ones on the slopes then partying it up wth the fam in NoVa.

I hope everyone has a bangin New Year!!!
I know I will ;).


Kristine said...

wow. 2008 worked for you very well. twas a lovely year for you indeed. wait.. you're from virginia right?!

Tina Marie Online said...

looks like you had a great year!!

A. Rose said...

haha. i was thinking about doing a "look back on 2008" post too! but i'm too lazy. :P looks like you had a memorable year, what with getting hitched and all. i'm glad i was there at the were such a beautiful bride!

boo to all the aunties who have no shame in pointing out our weight issues! if we did the same to, that would be hilarious wouldn't it? hehe.

have a happy new year!

Patricia G. said...

I know, snowboarding and MAC. GAH! hahaha! very exciting!

If you buy canned corned beef it already has potatoes and onion in it. it's already hash. and it's already cooked so you don't have to worry about under cooking the meat. =) try it, you'll like it. and i know my kuya would appreciate it too.

See you tomorrow! EL POLLO LOCO! WOO!

oh yeah, i went on gmail today to see if you were on. but you weren't. i need some advice. lol.

beeyoutiful7 said...

You sure had a fabulous year !!

Im happy for you and ur hubby =)

Roxy said...

awww sounds like u had so much fun this year! i can't believe you planned a weddin gin 7 months thats crazy!! i wanna see a picture of your dress! i want a maggie sotero when we get married in church! LOL

M said...

wow 2008 was awesome for you! :D
happy early new year girly!

Rosana said...

Yay, you posted my first blog, 3 weeks ago! Sorry for the late response, but I just realized that you sent me a comment when I went to edit a recent post. I am new to blogging...isn't there a reply button??? WTF?!

In response to your comment, unfortunately, I make my money as a full time office slave and do make up as a side "deal".

I just used my card last night for the first time. Yippee!! I still have to post my purchase...the first chance I get. :-)

Congrats on the wedding! Your wedding pic: "You look mahvelous dahling". :-)

DOPE*NESS said...

Hey, I'm Vanessa! Just got engaged on the 28th!!! Girl I need some tip'

Iyah said...

Aw girl! You've done soo much! I love the wedding pictures! How cute! :D