Sunday, December 7, 2008

The "Mexicutioner" Takes Another!!!

Okay, so it's 1am, and I decided that while I wait for my hair to dry, I just have to rant about tonight's fight! Yes, the "Mexicutioner", Manny Pacquiao wins another fight! I nearly died when the commentator called him a "Mexicutioner!" What a perfect name for "PacMan", I've seen him take down Barrera, Morales, Marquez, and much more! The family has always supported Pacquiao from the beginning and he did not let us down tonight. MY GAH! He spanked De La Hoya, the punch stats were absolutely ridiculous. De La Hoya is old for a boxer, and it's time for him to retire. Although he's done good in the past, he's physical capability was not up to par tonight. WOMP WOMP! So sorry GOLDEN BOY! At the end of the 8th round, it was declared that MANNY PACQUIAO was the winner tonight!! WOOHOO! Winner winner chicken dinner!

Anyways, so last night, I coor
dinated my company's holiday party at Ruth's Chris. Even though I was running a muck throughout the week to make sure everything was done right, I was soo happy with the results. I coordinated the party at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. YUM! It was my first time there! The service is absolutely amazing. Plates were served scorching hot to ensure your last bite is just as good as your first. So, my advice to you, looking for a good place to celebrate a special occassion? RUTH'S CHRIS! Ooooh and the one in Va Beach has happy hour from 5-7am with 5 dollar martinis. YUM! Yes, I had my signature Pineapple Upside Down Cake Martini. One of MY FAVES! [UPDATE: So, as I mentioned I coordinated the company party and I'm happy to say that we raised a huge amount for our local Foodbank AND! The box was full of canned goods to support the Foodbank, it was even overflowing!] It feels good to do a good thing. I definitely donated a portion to the Foodbank, so if you're thinking about running to MAC or Sephora, wouldn't it be nice to sacrifice one little purchase to donate to a good cause? Just my opinion.]

GAH! I know I said my next post would be the primer post. BUT! I don't have my camera on me. So that'll be the next post, promise! But I'll add in a beauty review since I'm here. Ookay, so what sucks about reading blogs is that I get suckered into making purchases. GAH! Even when my sis-in-law, Patricia comes over, we just run our mouths about products. The last time I saw her, she showed me her Jemma Kidd products. I, of course, was in absolute awe.

Therefore, my product review is on Jemma Kidd's Air Kiss Shine Lip Gloss in Undress

The Impressives:

Non-sticky. I'm not a big fan on sticky lipgloss, even though those usually last longer. I used to apply MACs LusterGlass in LoveNectar, but I experienced a slight side effect. My lips were extremely dehydrated.
Vitamin E. This is mainly what suckered me into purchasing this bad boy. Due to the winter's harsh conditions
and dry air, vitamin E is crucial.
Packaging. I'm a sucker for packaging. I love items with slim and sleek packaging. Yes, I do judge products by the packaging, it's that marketing eye! LOL!

The Wompies:
$16. EEKS! Are you serious? BUT! I like this gloss better than MACs Lusterglass, sooo, It's worth it.

Smell. It doesn't have a "yum" smell, but it's very neutral. Slighty citrus scent. But it's okay.
Lasting. You'll probably need to apply every hour or so to keep that glossy look.

I wasn't sure if it's a good thing that Jemma Kidd is a Target. Although it's sold at Neiman Marcus stores as well. I go to Target often, so it's going to be a bit difficult to avoid this section.

OOokay, time to go to bed! Gnite!


A. Rose said...

haha. i'm up doing a product review too! that fight got me all wound up, now it's hard to sleep! and to think, everyone thought manny didn't have a chance! he showed them.

ruben's been trying to get me to go to ruth's chris for the longest time. i'm not really a steak person, but maybe it's time i try it out.

Tina Marie Online said...

Haha the "Mexicutioner". That's pretty funny. That's kinda racist, but it's funny lol. Seriously though everyone in my house was all screaming. I was like dayum! haha.

I've seen Jemma Kidd at Target too. Crazy how I just walk by that section. Even though it's expensive, it seems pretty worth it since you say it's better than MAC's Lusterglass. Hehe. I like how you call it the Wompies. [:

DSKNguyen said...

I always wondered about the Jemma Kidd products at Target, it just seems out of place. Even the price points are all wrong for Target. hehe I'm a Retailing Major. You now what the JK lipgloss packaging reminds me of? The Giorgio Armani lipgloss! They're super sleek and sexy.

Thanks for reviewing that..I'm about to go to Target!! haha (it is Sunday and you know the new sales start today!)

Iyah said...

The M.B. eyecream will only lighten your dark circles. I don't think it will decrease the eyebags. the puffiness, yes :)

and wooohooo for PAcquiao! I lost my voice cheering for him! He's really good! I can't get over it. hahah!

M said...

i saw that jemma kidd line last time but didn't pick one up, thanks for the review ! :D

now i want steak haha

beeyoutiful7 said...

Ooo, I might want to try that lipgloss! Im always willing to get non-sticky lipgloss!!

thanks for the great info! =)

Janelle said...

LOL! The fight was pretty amazing. I watched it at the bf's house with his fam & a bunch of our friends. Gah, so exciting! Everyone was all riled up. But yah, by the 6th round, you knew it was over. Go PacMan ;)

I love Ruth's Chris! Expensive, but yumm. I'm glad your company's holiday party went well! :)

I want that lip gloss. Look what you did!

MChelley said...

HA! winner winner chicken dinner? u funy, yea yea a funny! whatsup? so yeaummmm, tell the folks about my a.k.a and tell andrew to e-mail. thanks laterz.

Iyah said...

Haha! I wasn't into japanese products til I joined the blogging world. Then I was surprised that Japanese products are really good more than what I'm using right now. I might change my skin care routine now, and hopefully it will work! hahah! More expensive though than what I'm using right now :/

DSKNguyen said...

Aren't they so real??! What is your favorite type of sushi?

Mine is Salmon sashimi :) mmmmMMmmm

jeSmakeup said...

i saw the fight! lol

email me so i can invite u to my blog please leave ur blog link as well..

Yves said...

lol @ Mexicutioner.