Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wooo! I got Tagged! My First One!

Tagged by: Aimee, Vietxpinay & Chrysee, Thanks lovelys!

"&this is what you do; once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you. at the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. don’t forget to leave them a comment (“you’re it”) and to read your blog. you can’t tag the person who tagged you. since you can’t tag me, let me know when you’ve posted your blog, so i can see your weirdness."

sixteen. undercover nerd. PUAHAH! I'm dead serious, I'm one of the biggest nerds. Undercover? Cause I mask it well! I'm practically legally blind. If any of you guys wear contacts, well umm, I'm a -7.00! Say WAH!??! I know! My glasses are mad thick! But thanks to my lovely hookup @ Lenscrafters, I have pretty Pradas to hide the thickness of the lenses (I want LASIK!). I have eczema and it stinks, but it's not terribly bad! My allergies are horrible, and well, I have tons of prescription medicines. EEKS! NERD, I tell ya! PUAHA! And to top it, I have asthma. But it hasn't been that bad compared to when I was a kid. OoOh and to top it off, I was in the orchestra till the end of high school. I played the violin... PUAHAHHA!

fifteen. 10 jobs. from age 16-24. Professional Ice Cream Server..LOL! Bakers Shoes, Barista at Starbucks, Aldos Shoes, Sunglass Hut, Map Communications, Reservationist for Spirit Cruises, Marketing/Promo for Red Bull (one of my fave jobs! I love me some Red Bull SF), and now a Marketing Ass, I mean Assistant and Event Coordinator.

fourteen. puppy. I really want a puppy! I never grew up with a dog! The husby wants one too but our condo community won't allow us, BLAGH! They can suck it....One day.. one day...

thirteen. east coast. I've been stuck in Virginia Beach my whole life! I'm desperately wanting a change. We're going to try to get stationed in California come 2010. The husby is from Cali and I know he really wants to go back. I also have a feeling I'm going to land my dream job there. P.S. We also need to travel more often.

twelve. career. As of now, I'm working in the field I earned my degree in, which is a good feeling. But, I can't say I love it. I'm blessed though because I have a good job (and an office!) in this tough economy. However, it would be my dream job to work in hair/cosmetic industry doing marketing, planning, merchandising, anything! Just something I would be compassionate about!

eleven. cold bed sheets. PUAHAH! I loooovvee cold bed sheets. I hate getting into a warm bed. The husby always teases me by saying he's going to warm up my side. GAH! I love cold pillows!

ten. sports. I'm the least athletic! I don'tAdd Image work out, which I should cause I would probably last longer on the slopes. However, I do snowboard! I'm far from a pro, and I'm still learning how to carve. Let's hope I can get that down pat by the end of the season. I used to rock climb, especially when I worked at Red Bull cause we had that hookup. I even got my certification to belay! But I slacked... DAMMIT!

nine. teeth. I have a thing for teeth. My theory, bad teeth = bad smile. Sounds vain as hell, but it really isn't! I like to keep the pearly whites fresh along with dentist visits. I love my Sonicare toothbrush and Crest Whitening Strips.

eight. accessorize. I really don't accessorize in terms of jewelry. I like my basics! Especially the meaningful ones, which basically means that most of them came from my husby. I love my T&Co necklace (it doesn't scream that it's from T&Co., that's why I like it! Not like those charms!). Watches! I loveee watches. And! My lovely wedding band and engagement ring. I really should wear earrings more often. As terms of accessories in purses, then GAH! I love my purses, ALL OF THEM! and I crave more...=)

seven. big hair don't care. I used to flat iron my hair religiously. BAD BAD BAD! But now, I've grown to love full voluminous hair. I'm a pro with my hot rollers! Even though I look like a grandma! (I plan on doing a blog entry on BIG full waves!)

six. ice cream & frozen yogurt. I looooovveee ice cream! Especially frozen yogurt. I could binge on this stuff. LOL! That's all...

five. planner. I'm a planner. It's bad, cause I wish I could be more spontaneous. But it's too hard. I like knowing how things are going to play out. As for my wedding, I had to make sure I planned everything to the tee! Good thing I had my trusty wedding planner and best friend, Marinel to help me out!

four. swimming. I took lessons in 4th grade, but then I forgot! LOL! How do you forget? I dunno, I just did! My friend, Kerry tried to teach me. But I was a pain in the ass. BUT! I learned that while I was on a booz cruise with my husby in the Bahamas (honeymoon), I proved to him that I could swim while I was drunk! Thank goodness for jungle juice, you've taught me how to swim.

three. saved by the bell. GAH! I grew up on this show! PUAHAH! I'm sure you guys can remember, "The Sprain" ..."Kelly and Screech?"... "I'm sooo excited.. I'm sooo scared"... "Friends Forever".."Buddy Bands" .."There's no hope in dope!" GAH! I could go on and on! Me and my brother try to stump each other on Saved by the Bell episodes.

two. allergies. I'm allergic to fish! GAH! It sucks. I only eat shrimp sushi. But when I see the husby or a friend eat salmon, I just want to snag a bite! LOL! But I would end up regretting it in the hospital. Man, I wish I could eat tuna too! Well actually, Janelle is allergic to fish too, and she eats tuna. I'll be testing tuna this weekend! Wish me luck! *SIGH* I'm allergic to cats too, but they just scare me!

one. family. I love my family to pieces, and now I have an extended family since I'm married. But, I can go to my parents about almost anything. My brother is my confidant too! (along with my husby), but he always gives good brotherly advice. My sis in law, Patricia adds fuel to my junkie drive. I've never had a sister, so it's nice to finally have one, actually 2! Can't forget the little one! GAH! Ready for some surprising news? Me and husby plan on starting our own family in 2 years or at the next duty station. Being a military wife is going to have its sacrifices, but when they come back and you have moments like these. It's definitely worth the wait!

Goodness, you're a trooper for reading this! Now you know a lot about me. SCCAARRYY!! Hahaha j/j. As corny as this sounds, I had fun doing it. I know it's long but I just had to elaborate. Hehe! Have a lovely weekend!

Say CHEESE! I'm tagging!

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mar247advice said...

That was TMI - seriously!

Haha J/M. "I'm so excited" to do this.

Janelle said...

Mar, are you sure you're not "too scared"? Gotta love Jesse Spano. LOL.

MChelley said...

thankshaw again, haha ur like gahhh i forgot to tag you!! ha ur a funny bunny. ^_^

-i respnded to ya comment, check it out if ya want

DSKNguyen said...

I can't wait for the day you get the puppy you've always wanted!


Chrysee. said...

im with you on the whole planning thing too. its funny cause im always telling my husband that i want him to surprise me but i get mad when we he does cause he's so unorganized hahahaha

Roxy said...

aww i love reading these random facts about everyone! how fun haha i am TOTALLY loving my dior i can't get over it! wayyy better than mac lipglass! but it cost $10 more! =X owell. How ironic!!! When I was in Hawaii we had MAC in Macys [we don't have dillard's in HI] but here, there's no MAC in macys! It drives me crazy! But owell lol

A. Rose said...

ahh, i need one more fact/habit/goal. haha, i'm such a boring person.

we're gonna get a puppy too! ruben had to give "our" last puppy away--cutest puggle ever! i made him promise we're gonna get another one. we've already come up with names for it. haha.

ok, i'll get this list up soon.

MChelley said...

check out my blog, i finished my tag thingy.

mar247advice said...

Dunzo! Read my weirdness.

kae said...

i didnt know ur a military wife too! he's in the navy right, i'm judging from the pic. i wish mine was in the navy, army guys can be total douchebags!

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