Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lovely Christmas....

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! As for me, it was me and the husby's first Christmas as a married couple. It was definitely a moment to cherish. We opened gifts on Christmas morning and I was so excited for him to open his gift! I was able to snag a huge box from work, so I basically wrapped his gifts within other gifts. Hehe! He had the "WTF?" look each time he opened a gift and then found another gift in it. But he loved his gifts, and that's what mattered anyways. As for me, he brought down a huge box and it was my turn. I ripped the paper and found a Coach box. Right away, "Awww, you better not have just used the box to wrap my present!" But then, when I saw the white dust bag, I immediately ran over and tackled him with hugs and kisses. Then he told me to open the dust bag, and there it was! The chocolate brown Madison Coach bag! It was like the heaven's trumpet sounded, "AWWWW!" LOL! I amazed! I told the husby it was too expensive, but he told me not to worry at all. I LOOOVVEEE IT! He also snagged a NARS lipgloss for me and the UD Velvet Rope eyeliner set. YAYEE!!!

Then afterwards, we headed over to the parentals for some good family time!
It was nice to spend time with our familia. We ate, we laugh, we drank... it was purely lovely! AH!! And more gifts... might I add, I was "nice" this year! PUAHAH! Eh, it would take forever to write who gave what, but they all know who they are. THANK YOU AGAIN for the gifts below, if you're reading, I LOOVVEEE YOU GGUUYYSS!

Here are some photos too! Of course, we had to take those "prom-like" photos! PUAHAHAH! OH GAH! Don't mind the middle picture. LOL! The fam alway tease Patrick and say he resembles Manny Pacquiao, puahah I don't see it! But then, when Patricia's man was in the photo, one auntie said "PACQUIAO vs. HATTON" (That's the next fight that should be coming!). PUAHAH! The guys are crazy!

Okay, as for post Christmas, courtesy of the gift of a Macy's gift card, I was able to snag two things. The 217 brush which I've been lemming and the MAC Penultimate liner. Has anyone tried this liner? Thoughts? Better than fluidline?? Let me know! Thanks, dear!


Enough about haulage, let's talk about brush cleaning. It's very important to keep your brushes sanitary.
You don't want that bacteria and gunk building up. Sooo, I just have to say that my sis-in-law, Patricia is one smart cookie! She recommended the Loen Cornell brush cleaner, so I snagged it while I bought Christmas ornaments a few weeks ago. I finally put that bad boy to use last night. It was loovveeellly!! It cleaned my brushes soooo fast! What I did was put my Clinique brush cleaner a little above the first line, then filled it up with water to the second line. Then swivel, swivel! Then removed the brushes and run it under warm water. Thanks, Trish! I totally recommend it! You can buy this at your local craftstore, I bought mine at Michaels. It's only 5-6 bucks, I believe.

Okay, that's all for now. Have a lovely day!


Janelle said...

Hey! I miss you! LOL. I feel like we haven't talked in a while haha. I'm away at my retreat & browsing blogs on my BlackBerry. I love this thing.

Yay for all your amazing gifts! Coach from the husby?! LOVE!!! Can't wait to see some looks & reviews on all the great stuff you got. ;)

beeyoutiful7 said...

Your hubby is so sweet =)

Love the coach purse !

Katrina said...

awesome presents! :) it was very sweet of your hubby to get you all of those. :) happy holidays!

Iyah said...

Oh I should try that cleaner. My brushes are so dusty I wanna buy another container that can cover from dust and germs.

WOW at the bag! He's such a sweetie to get everything you wished for. awww! :D

Patricia G. said...

oOooOh! i'm glad you liked the cleaner! isn't it nifty?!? anywho, what i'm really excited it snowboarding...woooooo! i can't wait! haha! I love your purse, i was eyeballing the other one 'cause the leather one was way too pricy. lol. consider yourself a lucky girl!

can you email me the pics from xmas?

A. Rose said...

LUCKY girl! look at all those presents! that bag is gorgeous! my coach collection is courtesy of the bf's family so i never even have to think about buying my own. :X i do need a bigger purse though...time to put the macy's gift cards to work!

you'll LOVE the 217. i have two of for dark colors and one for light colors. it's perfect for everything! also, let me know how you like the penultimate liner. that was the only thing that interested me from the chill collection.

glad you had a great christmas! :)

Roxy said...

nice purse! =] and omg u got a CHI?! i hate u! LOL looks like you had a fun xmas tho!

Iyah said...

omg! BUT i want your bag!! LOL! :) I know weve both blessed with great gifts considering its recession :D

M said...

great bag! i wanted that one in pewter in the shiny form haha :P

DSKNguyen said...

Ooh! I just bought the BIG SEXY HAIR root boost & hair spray, don't you love the root boost?